What it’s like to lose 1 billion?


Каково это – лишиться 1 млрд?

We saw more adventure Abramovich.
And Deripaska’s attempts to slip out from under us sanctions.
But most of all suffered while Viktor Vekselberg, owner of Renova group

1 billion of money is the amount even for him.
So, the Swiss banks blocked accounts Vekselberg, which was about 1 billion francs (in US dollars it’s almost the same amount, about 1 billion).

A source at Renova said Forbes, that the funds were blocked and public banks(UBS, Credit Suisse) and private, including Julius Baer”.

In addition to the money within a few days, a number of banks blocked Vekselberg access shares pledged to secure loans.

That’s not all.
The Bank of Cyprus may also block the accounts of Vekselberg.
He is the co – owner of the Bank, owns a share of 9.27%.
But the Bank is ready to block his account.
How much money is there, it is not reported.

All this is a result of us sanctions against Vekselberg, Deripaska, etc.
Banks are afraid to fall under the secondary sanctions.

Vekselberg is going to sue.
But experts are skeptical.

Turns out, the Russian businessmen can happy easy to lose.

The Swiss banks the most reliable banks in the world.
Now Vekselberg will stay though forever is not lost.
They ceased to be money Vekselberg.

What it’s like to lose 1 billion?
Okay – have made mistakes in business, bankrupt, etc.
But Vekselberg simply destroyed.
He has no money?

In General, the motto remains the same – all home.
The West no longer defends.


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