What it is – a perfect man?


What should be the ideal man? It is clear that we are all not without flaws, but still there must be some image of perfection to which to aspire. What are the criteria for perfection?

The ancient Greek philosopher Protagoras said “Man is the measure of all things”. It is the sense of proportion, a sense of harmony and beauty – a distinctive feature of a person.

A sense of proportion can be expressed in different abilities, in different types of activities. For example, absolute pitch is the perception of action sounds, absolute coordination is the sense of proportion in movement and rest, taste in art is a sense of proportion in visual perception, etc.

We can all improve and develop in man, but very rarely these abilities are developed equally well in the same person.

But there is one universal sense of proportion that is necessary for all people without exception – it is the sense of moral action. And such a perfect, impeccable moral sense had Jesus who is called Christ.

His moral perfection were found in communication with others. And those who recognize his moral superiority, became his followers and disciples. For them it became the light of truth.

And those who, out of envy, refused to acknowledge his moral perfection, they hated him and wished his death.

Christ is a litmus test to determine which man is more – light or darkness.


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