What is the law of karma?


What is the law of karma?

Of course, not all of us are Buddhists and hare Krishnas, but the material seemed worthy of attention.


I’m sure You have heard this word karma. It surprises me how distorted understand karma in our society. Usually karma mean punishment, retribution. But this is a very simplistic and one-sided understanding, do not reflect the essence of the phenomenon. I decided to open a new section in my blog – “Just about the complex”. This is my humble attempt to talk simply and clearly about difficult things, such as karma, reincarnation, chakras, gunas, etc. let’s Start with karma.


What is the law of karma?


Literally, the Sanskrit word karma means “action”. Moreover, the action includes not only actions but also our words and thoughts. In simple words, the law of karma means that every action (act, word and thought) has implications. Even the slightest action has consequences.


<big>In our culture there is a proverb that very aptly conveys the essence of the law of karma: “as you sow, so shall you reap”.</big>


This law is recognized by all world religions, just worded differently. In Hinduism and Buddhism the law of karma is one of the cornerstone concepts. In Christianity, Islam, Confucianism and other religions, this law is formulated as a universal ethical Maxim of the Golden rule: “Treat people the way you want them to treat you”. Many of us this law is known as Newton’s third law: every action causes an equal and oppositely directed action.

Despite the utmost brevity of the wording, this law governs all the consequences of each step of each actor in the Universe, be it a meteor or a Paramecium. The universal law of karma governs all, no matter whether they recognize it real. Ignorance of the law is no excuse before the court of cause and effect.




How does the law of karma?


Right now, each of us enjoying the fruits of their past deeds, words and thoughts. We are reaping the fruits of the seeds that sowed in the past. Right now each of us is sowing new seeds with his own actions, words and thoughts, thus creating the preconditions for their future.

Seeds which we sow now, will sooner or later rise. They sprout, when there are suitable circumstances. Not always, it happens quickly. Sometimes years pass before the results of our past actions manifest in our lives. Because of this delay, we often are not able to trace the cause-and-effect relationship between our past actions and what is happening in our lives at the moment.

People say that something happened by accident that they were lucky or not lucky… But the law of karma there is no room for accidents, good luck and happy coincidences.


<big>the Whole universe is woven from justice. Everything happens because a reason.</big>


Something may appear to us as random, simply because we cannot see a causal relationship.

For example, You are reading this post – are You interested in spiritual development and meditation. Perhaps you think that You are interested in this just out of curiosity, by accident. But of course, it happened by chance. You deserve this sublime interest of their past pious activities. It’s Your good karma has allowed You to become interested in meditation and spiritual development. Tell me, do you know how many interested? Only those with pure enough karma the opportunity to engage in spiritual practice in this life.

Agree, if we always clearly aware of the work of the universal law of karma, we would be a lot more cautious in our actions, words and thoughts. Because we would have clearly seen that no action remains without consequences.


<big>Bad karma is bad because makes You today so that tomorrow You will do what then have to regret. Karma means that we are punished not for our actions, and our actions.</big>


That’s what mean when I say that karma is a punishment, retribution. Indeed, our negative actions, thoughts and words after some time come back to us in the form of problems, failures, disease and suffering.

But it is often forgotten that the law of karma applies to all our actions, not just negative. So similarly, all our good deeds, words and thoughts accumulate our good karma back into our lives, bringing opportunities, success, health, harmonious relationships, joy, happiness, etc.




Karma and the destiny of man


Individual person’s karma consists of all his past actions he committed in current and past lives. (About past lives and reincarnation we will discuss in a later release.) Thus, past human actions by virtue of the law of karma will inevitably lead to corresponding consequences in his life, as soon as there are the right conditions.


<big>In this sense, it is appropriate to talk about destiny, because the totality of past human actions have already outlined a certain vector in which to develop his life.</big>


If You come to a strong astrologer, he can reveal the map of Your destiny and there is no mystery. Just a vector of Your life is determined by the position of the planets during Your birth. So astrologers can tell a lot about Your life, date, exact time and place of Your birth.

Narrow-minded sceptics will object: “How can you believe this and rely on “accidental” alignment of the planets? I could have been born a day later?”.

No, I could not. Time, place and family in which You were born, is not accidental. We are born and die according to our karma. You were born in a certain place at the appointed time and from their parents, because such a fate (and, as a consequence, this arrangement of the planets) require Your karma. You know?

In fact, our ability to understand something in this life also depends on karma. We can not understand and realize more than our karma. The same can be said about money, success in Affairs, health, success, relationships, etc.


As it turns out, everything in our lives is predetermined by our karma?


In fact, much has already been predefined, but not all. Not all, because we have complete freedom of choice in the present moment.

What You have now is this present moment (the situation in which You now are) – destined by Your karma. But how You act in the present moment and what seeds You have sown through your actions, words and thoughts – it is Your freedom of choice, which the next moment becomes your destiny.




Acceptance of his fate


The problem with most people is the non – acceptance of his fate, the acceptance of what is. We don’t like the way things are now. We are dissatisfied with the world, myself, we would like to be in a different place, transported to another time (past or future), to be with other people, look different, be someone else. We are not ready to accept what is right now.

But we didn’t just exactly where we are. It is our karma to be here. We can’t start the path of change from some fictitious point. The movement can only begin from the point where we are now. It is important to understand.


<big>Spiritual development begins with the acceptance of his fate and taking responsibility for their lives.</big>


Is it clear that the destiny of man – it is solely his responsibility. Each person by their actions, creates your destiny, no one to blame.

So the best thing we can do is to fully accept their karma, their destiny. In this case, Your karma becomes Your Dharma – You begin to live your true life, to go its own way. Dharma is Your unique path of spiritual development.


<big>Dharma moon to Shine at night, Dharma volcanoes to erupt, Dharma ship to sail, Dharma hyenas howl. Your Dharma is to develop. It is Your unique karma gives You the best opportunities for development.</big>




The universality of the law of karma


The law of karma is not limited to the individual person’s karma, which were discussed above. There are also family and tribal karma, the karma of the organization, city, country and all mankind. And all these karmas intertwined.

The law of karma is universal – it applies to absolutely everything in the Universe. We live in a phenomenal world governed by the law of karma: everything that surrounds us is karmically conditioned phenomena. They occur because their occurrence was the cause and developed suitable conditions, and they disappear when disappear gave rise to their causes.

Now try to look at your life from this perspective: every situation in which You find yourself (tube on the road stuffy in the subway, turned off the light, a neighbour drilling a wall, etc.) itself is neutral and impersonal. It’s just a manifestation of karma – the situation does not have to You personal relationship, they arose because there were reasons and they will disappear when these causes disappear. But if You are not able to relate the events impartially, his negative attitude (thoughts, actions, words) You generate karma and sow seeds for the future.

For me, this understanding was a powerful shift in perception of the world, when I first realized this during an intensive retreat in meditation.

Just think: everything is born, exists and dies just because of its internal law of karma. This is not to You personal relationship, just karmically conditioned phenomena. If You do realize that if You can get angry, annoyed, offended, to get attached? What? To whom? On karmically conditioned phenomena?

If you go further, ourselves – is conditioned by karma phenomena. We were born because it was causes and developed appropriate circumstances. We die and are born again in accordance with our karma, to continue the work that we do here.




Why are we born and why do we need karma?


We are born again and again to learn about love. Each of us has its own destiny, its own path and their own lessons to be learned in this incarnation. We are all at different stages of development, but we all go in the same direction – the path of spiritual evolution, awakening.


<big>the Problem of karma in this journey from one incarnation to another is to help people become aware, and to reject the illusory image of himself as a body and realize ourselves as divine and immortal soul.</big>


In this world of duality we have a unique opportunity to experience in my experience the whole palette of emotions and a whole range of feelings, so that through a gradual evolution to elevate our consciousness to divine love.

If by the end of this life will remain unfulfilled desires, whether the desire for money, sex, fame, or beautiful cars, You will have the opportunity to come back. This world is so good to us that we are allowed to come back here an infinite number of times until we finally will not negresa in this material world and not exhausted all of their “wishlist”. This is because the Earth is the best place for the fulfillment of material desires.

Karma ends when all desires. In the East it is believed that the last thought before death determines a new rebirth. Therefore, to death, there are prepared in advance to be able to meet her calm and vigilant. Read more about death and the art of dying can be read in this post.




How to improve your karma?


The natural desire of a reasonable person is to try to make their lives easier, to free themselves from suffering and be happy.

To achieve this, you need to work on my karma. Sorry, we can’t undo the past – for all our bad actions in the past, we will sooner or later have to answer.

But there is good news: karma is possible not only to work but also to work out. What? With the correct actions, words and thoughts in the present moment. In our power to use the moment to gain good karma, thus improving your total karma.

The recipe of improvement of karma is simple:

Что такое закон кармы?




Regular meditation is one of the best ways to improve their karma.


You will notice how transformed Your life, when You build up a steady habit to meditate. Why is this happening?


<big>Habit is a repeated action. Our desires become our thoughts our thoughts become our actions, our actions become habits, and habits become our destiny!</big>


Now think, what do You do in meditation from the point of view of karma?

You sow new seeds – seeds of wisdom, awareness, peace and harmony, seeds of patience and courage, seeds of joy and love. Sowing these seeds – You will enhance your destiny. Therefore, the practice of meditation can radically change the trajectory of Your life. Agree, it completely changes the perspective of the practice.

Remember this when you meditate next time. Let it motivate You to practice and gives You strength.

I wish You to practise, and be happy!



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