What is the difference between a sectional and a modular sofa?


A modular sofa is a sofa made up of separate, independent elements. It is composed of elements chosen by the customer:

  • Pillows;
  • Goatees;
  • Backrests;
  • Armrests;
  • Modules with built-in drawers, tables and shelves;
  • corner and end elements.

Such a sofa can also be equipped with a linen storage system or the mechanism needed to convert it into a bed.Each manufacturer has a different composition of modules, depending on the design and features of each model. Some versions can be assembled from more than fifty elements. Others have about ten.

The process of buying a modular sofa is as follows:

  • The buyer chooses his favorite model, color and upholstery;
  • Depending on the customer’s needs, different combinations of modules and their arrangement are offered;- The furniture is assembled based on the above requirements and shipped to the new owner.

Who is suitable for a modular sofa?

Modular sofas this is not only a tribute to fashion, in some cases such furniture is the best solution for decorating interiors. Such designs are suitable for:

  • Large families, whose members prefer to gather in the living room to watch TV and spend time together;
  • spacious rooms where it is necessary to divide the space effectively and functionally;
  • modern interior styles.

It is worth understanding that if your budget for the purchase is limited, it is better to buy a standard model, because a good system is not cheap. Another peculiarity is that the modular sofa does not fit into a classic, vintage, rustic interior. Models of this style are practically not presented in today’s market.Modular sofas are mainly purchased in large houses, apartments, receptions of large companies and corporations.

Advantages of modular furniture

The advantages of modular sofas are:

  • A large number of seats that can be chosen according to your needs;
  • Multifunctionality, since they are made up of comfortable armchairs, pouffes, goosenecks, comfortable sofas and sleepers, spacious drawers for linen, tables and shelves;
  • the possibility of transforming and modifying the existing configuration, so that the living room can be regularly rearranged and updated;
  • Ergonomics and the ability to adapt the furniture to the architecture of the room, hiding flaws or emphasizing the advantages of the layout.

Selection criteria

And how to choose a modular sofa correctly, so that it will please you with its presence, quality and functionality for many years, we will talk about next. In the article we will consider such important criteria as

  • Type of construction
  • Frame materials;
  • Upholstery material;
  • Comfort of seats;
  • mechanism of conversion into a bed.

Design features

Modular sofas are divided into two main groups:

  1. Sectional;
  2. convertible.

The first group includes models whose elements are individually selected according to the needs of the buyer, but then they are connected to each other in the factory and separating them independently would be difficult or impossible.

The second group includes sofas that allow the owner a lot of room for imagination and the implementation of design ideas. Such a system can be modified at any time, to change the modules in places, to buy the missing elements, etc. Between the individual units of such systems you can even put other furniture, such as a coffee table, a bookcase, a cabinet. The largest elements of transforming sofas – angular or in the form of an armchair are used independently, separately from its other parts.

Material for frame and upholstery

Ideally, the body of a modular sofa is best made of solid wood, but in practice such models are very expensive. Therefore, manufacturers reduce the cost of furniture by introducing no less durable, but more affordable materials – LDPB and thick plywood. Quality samples of such raw materials guarantee strength and durability of the frame. Sometimes they are even more practical, because wooden elements are capable of shrinking, which results in unpleasant creaking.

Upholstery modular sofa should be chosen based on taste preferences, budget and features of use. So, if the house is there are small children and pets, give preference to flock, which is not afraid of scratches, does not attract dust and hair, easy to clean. Also popular as upholstery monochrome practical corrugated leather, natural and artificial leather. It is noteworthy that modular sofas are usually upholstered in material without a pattern. This is due to the style of such furniture, because modern patterns in a jacquard cover with a printed pattern will look out of place.


As for the filling of the seat and back, it should be chosen according to your own feelings. Some people find it more comfortable to sit on a soft spring base, while others prefer a harder surface, such as multi-layer foam or polyurethane foam. Models with a combination of the above materials are very popular. They are good for both sitting and regular sleeping.

Availability of beds and conversion mechanism

Folding bed

This is not a necessary element of the modular sofa, since the size of this furniture can be such that without additional manipulations it can be placed for a full night’s sleep for one or two people. However, if the product is intended for daily use for a night’s rest, it is worth giving preference to models with a mechanism of transformation. The most suitable for such furniture are systems Euro folding, French clamshell. Both mechanisms are compact, reliable and durable. With their help, the sofa is transformed into a comfortable bed with a flat surface.


Based on the above information, we have formulated a brief recommendation for the selection of a modular sofa:

  1. Take into account the size and layout of the room. In this case, the sofa will perfectly fit into the interior, will emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings of the architecture, for example, with its help you can beat the monolithic columns and ledges in the wall.
  2. Modular sofa stylistically more suited to modern interior trends – minimalism, high-tech, modern, loft, neoclassical.
  3. Choose the elements of the modular system, taking into account your own needs, then the sofa will bring maximum comfort in use.
  4. Convertible sofas are more mobile and functional. Sectional sofas are cheaper, while they have a stronger frame due to the fixation of all elements.
  5. Give preference to a sturdy frame made of wood, chipboard, laminated chipboard or plywood. Upholstery is chosen individually, but the more practical and durable solution is flock or leather.
  6. To make the sofa comfortable to sit and lie on, the filling should be a combination of springs and polyurethane foam.
  7. To transform such a sofa is convenient to use the mechanism Euro folding or French clamshell.

Given our advice, you can choose a modular sofa that will be characterized by its comfort, aesthetics, durability and functionality.