What is babbling?


Чего раскудахтались?

Watched TV here again. All day – chicken clucking about the fight in the Big Seven, the early departure of trump with its rally in Canada, but about the performance Itself in Beijing.

Why are you clucking? Expect a quarrel in the g-7? And you-what of it?


Get our iron measure-questionnaire and looking to Parking to raseyskoy lucozade and mumble from the rift between the United States and Western Europe.

– Trump advised the Seven back to invite Russia to its meetings, is not going to remove heavy economic sanctions from Moscow, and to stop the policy of targeted killing of Russian oligarchs (in the long run, higher hierarchy). Yes he can not do without Congress. He is not going to recognize the annexation of Crimea.

– Trump was going to quarrel with the EU and with China, to unleash a world trade war and imposing protective customs tariff. Its main goal is to return America to the industry. And for that he was going to break the Europeans and the Chinese. Because it understands that the important thing is to save America from decline to once again become a leading industry. Why not do without protectionism and deterioration of relations with the EU and China.

– But Putin is not going to do so. No he does not introduce protectionism. On the contrary, acts as a toady of Beijing, eager to keep the “free world”.

– However, neither France nor Germany do not intend to lift sanctions against Moscow, albeit after a quarrel with America. They do not recognize the annexation of Crimea and will require Moscow to get out of the Donbass. The market, even if Putin will open, will not replace the U.S. market. Too small, and the diversity of its needs, much less. But the Kremlin will ruin their producers have risen to the embargo.

– Russia cannot replace the US to Europe in the scientific-technical leadership, and the enthusiastic oohs and aahs about the Russian weapons, the sound is mainly for internal use. Europe knows that, “AI Ti”, electronics, precision engineering, nanotech, robotics, biotech, etc. the Russian Federation – the outsider. And all of these industry is much more important weapons for global leadership. Nuclear-missile weapons from the EU (France), but to replace American aircraft carriers, the global force with a network of bases around the ball and amphibious forces Moscow just nothing. It was in the space behind the United States. In the area of satellite technology particularly. Own-electronics – afflicted.

– The war in Syria does not prevent germination “mushroom” supermenlovers LIH in the EU.


Well, what do you, Kremlin, get quarrels between the EU and the US? The EU may choose just a rejection of the “Nord stream-2” in exchange for ignorance of Washington’s saragossan on European exports.

You don’t have a main industrial and developed countries, and the Academy of Sciences you spend less than football clubs of the first League (4 billion a year, compared with 49 billion). The money you spend on your feet incompetent pinnately the ball, and not on brains and not on the extraction of new knowledge. You’re stupid townsfolk.

And your war in Syria has naturally led to the fact that the question arose about the financing of demining, clearance of ruins and huge construction and restoration works. If not $ 400 billion, as required by Assad, then two for sure. And there is no money. Nothing, perhaps, Shoigu called on the countries of the CSTO (the poor ex-Soviet Republic) to participate in the reconstruction of Syria. So, China is not going wasted, Iran has no money, the Arab monarchies of nothing. Well, SCO is more powerful than NATO! Where there is any Canada to Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan?

Instead of doing the main for the Russian Federation chores (cleaning from corruption and bureaucracy, the new industrialization with reasonable protectionism, to join the Donbas and the struggle for a new Russia), you rushed into insanity and dissipation of forces. And in economic self-destruction.

Clucking more will not help!


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