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Что ценят в женщинах мужчины в разных странах. ФотоIt turns out that we all have different criteria.

The theme of tastes and preferences is very slippery, and there will always be people who will dispute any claim. And even more about what women like.

However, there are some common features associated with mentality, culture, traditions or history. We AdMe.ru decided to find out what they are — ladies of different countries and for what quality men are willing to give up his bachelor life for the family?


Что ценят в женщинах мужчины в разных странах. Фото

In future wives appreciate above all such qualities as courtesy, complaisance, humility, honesty, promiscuity, fidelity. Calm Japanese woman will not “make the brain” during a quarrel, change, or criticize her husband’s shortcomings.

Her will expect her to have children, waited in the evening of riotous and wife were silent, not daring to show emotion. Since childhood she learned that lesson from mom.

It seems, for many hundreds of years of subordination to men Japanese women have developed an immunity to strong feelings, and genetic obedience.


In the heat is hard to hide from men’s eyes the figure flaws under clothing. So in fashion fit sporty woman with wide hips, big buttocks and small Breasts. Despite the poverty, this country leads in the number of implants in the Breasts and butt. Outdoor fitness equipment in Brazil can be found even at the bus stop.

Another fun fact: the Brazilian may not be made up, not very nicely dressed but well-groomed nails is Holy.

To have a family here not in a hurry, children are starting to plan after 30.


Что ценят в женщинах мужчины в разных странах. Фото

Undeniable rule in Algeria: the man is always right. The wife should have really a lot of tact and patience, to be compliant, accommodating, along with numerous relatives of her husband. And what is also very important to be religious and chaste until marriage. The woman — the Keeper of the family hearth.

And Yes, forget about diets, skinny chicken here is not held in high esteem.


Что ценят в женщинах мужчины в разных странах. Фото

Log in to any house where the woman lives, go to the back room, swipe on a horizontal surface in the corner — could lick it clean. Turkish women — the big clean.

Men appreciate their wives not for the beauty and sexuality and as a mother, mistress, friend, companion of life. Wives obey their husbands, do not dare too freely and talk loudly, behave chastely. While Turkish women never sit at home. Many work and lead an active life, meeting with friends, go on courses. And as soon as they manage to combine everything?


Что ценят в женщинах мужчины в разных странах. Фото

For many years the woman in Germany is officially forbidden to work. But if she has lost her husband, it was only for a pittance to work secretly at night.

Modern German woman — a career woman. For her there is nothing worse than dependence on husband. Career is her main meaning of life. And not family and children. Woman over 40 — the usual age for marriage. And although some men still miss the feminine and domestic girls, most already like that kind of independence.

The family is primarily the man well. And domestic responsibilities and income in half. The Germans love educated women who can support any conversation, with a sense of humor, sociable, sincere.


Что ценят в женщинах мужчины в разных странах. Фото

Despite the rapid progress of economy, China is still a traditional country. Men like gentle and obedient girls who know how to strike a balance between love of self and obedience to her husband, focus on the family, can appreciate the merits of her husband.

However, now men are welcome any wife, because the current in China from 1979 to 2015 the year of law, according to which in the family can have only one child, 34 million men around the age of 30 years are at risk to remain bachelors.


Что ценят в женщинах мужчины в разных странах. Фото

Children in India from birth, preparing for the wedding as the major event in life, the purpose of which is procreation. Authorities fear that by 2028, the country population will overtake China. So the roads and streets it is possible to see posters with the picture of mom, dad, girl and boy — “that’s my family.”

Indians like women “body”, family, caring, discreet, modest, who would object to mother-in-law, because all live as a big family. Preferably from my caste. Know how to make try to conduct any business, so a wife looking for economic and smart.


Что ценят в женщинах мужчины в разных странах. Фото

From the very childhood, mothers are pampered and praised the sons of men most of them are proud of the daffodils. The wife should complement an Italian, and not to obscure his intelligence or beauty. That is to be of medium build, self-sufficient, well-groomed, but in moderation.

The girl must be a darling, eyes down, often flapping eyelashes, gently laugh, shed a tear at the sight of broken twigs and make a heartwarming appearance at a children Italian men love this theater.


Что ценят в женщинах мужчины в разных странах. Фото

The Greeks — people are passionate and direct, live in the moment and enjoy it 100 %. The Greek need only sincere feelings, cheerfulness, sociability, confirmation in the eyes of the women that he is a king. And it would be nice dowry in the form of apartments.

Married men usually after the age of 40, when the Cup of passion ispita and it’s time to think about family. Absolutely fine in 35 years to declare that not yet ready for a serious relationship.


Что ценят в женщинах мужчины в разных странах. Фото

Manners, charm and grace — that love men in their ladies. The ability to take a glass, to bring a dish, take a pose for pictures — all the little things. Dress expensive, stylish and sexy even after 5 years of marriage.

All of this is the myth that support of the French women, Parisian women in the expensive Saint-Germain. But go out beyond it and you will see the most ordinary of women, as elsewhere. What really sets French women — easy attitude to life. They do not straighten and curl your hair, lengthen eyelashes, it does not tighten and do not increase — they are natural.

It is noteworthy that the French men just like French girls: light eyes, dark hair, dark oval face is the ideal.


Что ценят в женщинах мужчины в разных странах. Фото

Yemeni girls were married at 14-16 years. The husband usually much older than her: 25-40 years, because it needs to be able to pay the ransom to ensure his wife and children. Good to a girl less studied in schools, institutes, because the wife-academician useless. Its role — the home and family.

To meet and even to see each other before marriage, the young have no right, everything is decided by the relatives of his wife.


Что ценят в женщинах мужчины в разных странах. Фото

Marriage and cohabitation in Bulgaria have equal legal force. The main thing — that in friendship and love. The man was and is the breadwinner and the head of the family.

Most women, even giving birth, have a slender, graceful figure. Many take care of themselves, although it is rather a necessity, because they are mixed Turkic and Slavic blood, and therefore very common depilation.

Bulgarians love each other for the patience, kindness, simplicity, love for their own and other children, for the ability to enjoy small pleasures and not in a hurry.


Что ценят в женщинах мужчины в разных странах. Фото

In some countries it is very unusual ideas about the qualities of a future wife. In Polynesia tribe Maori woman can get married provided that she already has two children. However, on the Islands of Free Love it is not particularly difficult. On the contrary, our monogamous notions of love seem strange to them.

And although before the wedding, the young people have complete freedom in the relationship, marriage is considered a serious matter, not personal. Therefore, often choose a spouse according to the decision of the tribe.


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