What happened to our idols?


Why some “star” performers suddenly with contempt, talking about his people


Что случилось с нашими кумирами?

“Star disease” among the idols of the Russian public seems to have acquired epidemic proportions. Not had time to subside the noise around contemptuous remarks in relation to the Russian people, who threw popular actor Aleksey Serebryakov, who said that if Russia “national idea are the power, arrogance and rudeness”, and then a new scandal.


“Boors and haters” called the Russian audience, from whom these words certainly could not be expected – one of today’s most popular actors Danila Kozlovsky. In an interview Sports.ru he said that the trailer of his movie “Coach” where he made his first appearance in the role of Director and enthusiastically adopted in the West, but in Russia, wrote so many nasty things that it seems like in our country – “a solid hatred and rudeness”.

It is clear that these words of the popular actor in the Russians also caused a storm of indignation. The first Kozlowski condemned by his colleagues. So the member of the Public chamber and acting head of the Union Denis Kiris advised Daniel stoically accept criticism and not to take it out in public. And the singer Yuri Loza said the Agency “FAN”, “what did he stuff talk to me? Why are the Russians angry? As a creative person, and especially took on the role of Director, Kozlovsky should be ready that the public does not always accept the fruits of his work. Especially if it’s about football “fan disassembly beyond logic”, stated the musician and offered strictly to compare themselves with Boris Pasternak and Mikhail Bulgakov, which “ridicule”, or Daniil Kharms, which is generally not printed, but none of them in the head and never came to offend his countrymen.


However, actor Mikhail Porechenkov, who after his visit to the militia in the Donbass, no one can be accused of lack of patriotism, suddenly spoke out in defense of colleagues, calling his critics “trash idiots”.


“Kozlowski rude not expressed respect to Russia, he spoke out against the Internet world of this garbage. There is a huge amount of trash trolls, who are counting on such a reaction, irritating people, because they themselves are deeply incompetent people,” – said Porechenkov. According to him, the quality of the film can tell, by and large, only those people that are professionally engaged in filmmaking.

Supported colleague in an interview with NSN and be caressed by the power of the people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Boyarsky. “Kozlowski has the right to respond as it sees fit. It depends on the nature of man” — justifies his knights.



Should not dare?


What would it be? Those for whom the films do, the audience of movies in General, can not judge, and is allowed only one “favourites”, “the professionals”? The idols we have in General, beyond any criticism and unable to carry any offensive nonsense, if they have such “character”? And most importantly, the incidents with Serebryakov and Kozlovsky are not isolated cases. Recently talking with disdain about the Russian people and Russia and other “honored” artists, believing, apparently, themselves beyond any criticism. Well, of course, Serebryakov, who has long settled for permanent residence in Canada and return to Russia, apparently, does not intend to, if only to “make money” on the set. Or when the Russian insults, for example, Liya Akhedzhakova. It has long been together with the liberals, became an active participant of many anti-government actions of the opposition. Or long become hardened Russophobe, once popular leader of the group “time Machine” Andrei Makarevich, who went to Ukraine to address the thugs of the ATO, Mikhail Efremov, who toured the Square, reading the libels of his own country before gleefully cackling Bandera. The latter have already been doing the same in Russia, so his anti-Russian statements and desire to have fun on stage, nobody is particularly surprised. Moreover, as shown by his recent tour in the province, the Russian audience he already despises, that does not hesitate to appear on stage drunk. And when he began to criticize, scornfully accused the audience that they are supposedly “catching up”, don’t understand creative pursuit of capital celebrities. Even Konstantin Raikin, the famous heir to the glory of the father, dissatisfied with the public in Russia, not very surprising – he’s too long in the ranks of the liberal opposition and anger rejects any criticism in his address.

But Kozlowski?! Porechenkov?! Boyar?! They some how turned out to be among those who believe that “stars” is still allowed, and the rest in Russia “should not dare to have its judgment”?


Never in the past actors such level and with such an impeccable reputation couldn’t afford anything like that.


Respect for the audience was an integral part of the profession, when the very craft of the actor or Director was seen as the high mission of serving the people.

And today? There are not even symptoms of the disease, and indeed this epidemic which swept the Russian idols. Is it fame, exorbitant fees so gone to their heads that they began to consider themselves elite, “a caste of the chosen”, which can only applaud, but never criticize?

However, so arrogantly and defiantly, scornfully rejecting any comments in your address, – you’re acting lately, not only actors, which often people are too emotional, and executives of well-known theater groups, public cultural institutions entrusted with the implementation of the cultural policy in our country. For example, what is said about Russia and Russians, the head of the art Department of the state Russian Museum in St. Petersburg Alexander Borovsky, we all were “slaves”: “Public savagery characteristic of certain historical periods – for example, for the period of the advent of Christianity, when demolishing ancient libraries and monuments. And now she, surprisingly, came in the face of strong technical progress, we’ve Got an autocratic society. Democracy must occur to start the head. But it is not. All slaves”.

Contempt says about the Russians and the chief – Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky. So it was in St. Petersburg, a scandal erupted around organized within the walls of the Hermitage exhibition of Belgian artist Jan Fabre, consisting of dead dogs and horned beasts, and the scandalous exposure of the British Chapman brothers.


The head of the Museum publicly called the protesters of St. Petersburg “street mob” and “idiots”.


“Only idiots can assume that the show offends the cross. We are talking about the last judgment in our time. What is art and what is not, determines only the Museum, not the street public,” arrogantly declared positioning itself as almost the main “intellectual Petersburg” Director, adding that a protest letter to the Hermitage “can be written insane”.

With a fierce protest against any criticism of public address myself and my colleagues spoke recently at the Congress of theatrical figures of the Director of the theatre “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin.



Strata beanie


Writer Marina aleksinskaya writes that in our country has formed a particular elite strata “Bobo”, as she calls it, and it determines the policy of Russian culture, trying to dictate their tastes. “Bobo” (from FR. bourgeois bohemian, Bohemian bourgeoisie), “she explains,” the term global information society entered into the modern context, David Brooks. American sociologist and journalist, his book called “Bobo’s in Paradise: where does the new elite” was released in 2000 year… In particular, the “Bobo” position themselves as aesthetes, original-thinking intellectuals. The freedom of opinion, freedom of expression is the criterion of success both personal and in work.

They are the new intellectuals, supposedly, highly tolerant, moral evaluation, moral imperatives for them is movable and subjective. Shopping for them – that is the main means of cognition.

“You never paid any attention to the fact – continues to Aleksin – that the most ardent, the most rabid, the most uncompromising advocate of Marxism-communism through the bourgeois? “The Soviet La Boheme” – the flip side of the “bourgeois” and “tolerance without borders” – a form of “liberal fascism”?

Not surprisingly in this case, and the fact that after the collapse of Soviet locomotive translation of the Soviet system of culture to capitalism, in the rush hour was Mikhail Shvydkoy, who made the first Serebrennikov in “genius theatre”. A member of the Communist party, editor of the magazine “Theatre”, author of sacramental phrase “Russian fascism is worse than German”, when Shvydkoi, Minister of culture of the Russian Federation in Moscow are created and multiply gallery, where axes cut icons, museums, contemporary art centers, the gallery Aidan Salakhova and Marat Gelman, “Winzavod” and design center “Flacon”, Institute for media, architecture and design “Strelka”, Multimedia Art Museum, the Garage… all this and more cultic sites, meeting the “advanced”, creative youth. Interests: fashion, design, style, travel. Ideology: contempt for Russian culture, the hatred of the Russian Orthodox Church.


The desire “to shift from Raska” – dress code. Pass on this most wonderful of worlds – “the world-American” as a compliment, a chance to get into the “new elite”.


At the same time, along with the “Echo of Moscow” and other liberal media, new global media projects: Slon.ru, Lenta.ru “Big City”, ТheVillage, “Poster”, “Rain”, “Snob”, Orepass, which broadcast the ideology of the “new elite” promote the interests of LGBT people.



“Still able to bear fruit of the womb…”

But the state seems to be caught. Gallery Salakhova and Gelman closed, Sam Gelman fled from Russia to Montenegro. Shvydkoi has long been no longer the Minister of culture, but still continues to struggle in important government positions. Left Russia leaders of the art group “War”, famous for the fact that you drew a phallus on a bridge in St. Petersburg. Political asylum in France asked for “actionist” Peter Pavlensky, prikolachivayte nailing your genitals to pavement in red square and appeared to be in a French jail. Fled to Ukraine commentators-Russophobes Kiselev and host. Disappeared from the Central channels of liberal “historians” Nikolai Svanidze Mlechin, Leonid. Fell “Winery” and other galleries of “contemporary art”. Pieces of silver, the suspect in a major embezzlement has been under criminal detention.


Freedom with impunity to fatten at the expense of the state and spoil the state was called into question. But “it is still able to bear fruit the tree”, established in the 90-ies of the “caste” continues “to bear a bastard”.


The last documentary film festival Artdocfest in Moscow and other cities of Russia openly demonstrated (and even got a prize!) tape Ukrainian Directors, praising “heroes” ATO killed in the Donbass civilians women and children. A “caste mentality”, rejection of any criticism of the “creators”, the arrogant attitude of “uninitiated” continues, alas, to persist and not just among liberal Russophobic crowd.

But it’s rotten elite twice in modern history has ruined Russia. So it was in 1917, when the Pro-Western liberals in the face of corrupt courtly elite, deputies of the Duma and liberal-minded generals, enthusiastically supported by the “progressive” culture, overthrew the centuries-old monarchy and seized power, establishing a Provisional government. The result of this short reign in Russia, the liberals, led by the famous chatterbox Kerensky – a failed state, chaos and disorder. In such circumstances the Bolsheviks just picked up wallowing in the mire power.

Similarly, ruined rotten Soviet party nomenklatura and the dissidents-reformers in 1991. Their discontent led to the disintegration of the country and to the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century. Power was again the liberals, led by Gaidar, who proclaimed almost the same slogans that the Provisional government: alignment with the West, liberal values, the renunciation of all the old ideals strong and powerful state. To save the country failed, only pushing the liberals off the main levers of power. Managed to do it only the strong power that Putin has created.


But liberals are not surrendered, they managed to keep their positions in the media, in culture, in business. Prerequisites for third in the modern history of Russia the betrayal of the liberal elite continue.


This “the damned caste” again against a strong government, and personally against Putin, demanding his replacement, again appealing to the West. To discredit the authorities in the course is everything. The notorious film “Matilda” directed on discredit of the Russian monarchy, not just raunchy tape of Nicholas II and the attack of the liberals in our history, which they reject, again calling us to look to the West, to accept his ultimatum in the form of sanctions and to obey. Not coincidentally funded and unwound the Bulk of its noisy “revelations”, which is not so much leading the fight against corruption, but attempts to discredit the government. Moreover, the same provocative way as in 1917 discredited the king, and in 1991 – the Communist party. Immediately and the suspect in the theft of pieces of silver with his bawdy performances, and noisy gatherings around his arrest. In this series, and Ksenia Sobchak – the heroine poluprorocheski transfer “House-2”, imagines himself worthy to run for President of Russia. To attack power is used even a tragedy of the fire in Kemerovo.



To destroy the system

Writer Arian Dollfus, author of the book about Rudolf Nureyev brings to its pages the revelation of assistant Secretary-General of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev. “It was about the rehabilitation of the famous defectors, which have so long pointed. Nureyev, Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov became a priority figure in the new regime. The responsible person of the KGB were extremely hostile towards this rehabilitation policy, and we organized all behind them. However, it was the only way to break their system”.

So they ruined the USSR. Here and today, not behind, right in front of us and their followers are once again trying to “destroy the system”, to strike and weaken rose from his knees Russia, using a “fifth column” of liberals and frondiruyuschie creative elite. So, for Serebrennikov, who was accused of embezzling huge public funds, the mountain stood up not only the liberal opposition in the person of Khodorkovsky and Kasyanov, Shenderovich, Svanidze, Minkin, “echo of Moscow”, Posner, etc. – your hurt! But he was supported by those who, it seemed, directly to the liberal opposition it is difficult to classify: Fyodor Bondarchuk has already been mentioned Danila Kozlovsky, Andrei Malakhov, Philip Kirkorov and some other leaders of the artistic Bohemia. And today they also protect Serebryakov and “govorushechka” Kozlowski. Why do they do it? Just out of corporate solidarity?

Partly, probably so. But the main thing in another. The fact that in our country among the leaders of the arts – theatre, film, television and media was formed by a group of rich, famous and influential of which, even those who have diametrically opposite political views, are United by “one group” that opposes itself to the rest of society and lives by its laws.


This artistic elite, already mentioned above “strata “Bobo”, the new Bohemians, closely associated with the higher layer Pro-Western officials, oligarchic capital and their counterparts in the West, we have formed the fact that Stalin at the time, aptly called “caste”.


And when Alexander III (whose father was killed by the terrorists-revolutionaries, but the revolution failed), was closed many liberal Newspapers, but thirty times increased deposits in the savings Bank. If there was no war, Russia no one dared to attack the country is rapidly developing and getting rich. Also began to develop the USSR, when Stalin removed the Trotskyists and eliminated the “Leninist guard” who committed the Bolshevik revolution.

How is it to be with the “elite” that put themselves above the people, openly despise him? And the answer is simple: to remember the harsh lessons of history and not to come back on the same historical rake.

Of course, we – a democratic country and plant nowadays nobody is going to return to the Stalinist repression in Russia can not be, but arrogant idols suddenly cease to be idols, deflate like an empty balloon, if they alienate people when they stop applauding. But not only the people but the government should do finally, conclusions and to terminate feed from the budget of those who defied their country. Try in the USA, or as now in England, to say something against the interests of the state, to curse the audience – there is such a “Creator” of the media and the public opinion of peck, and the public will be obliterated!


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