What happened in Syria. About the mass deaths of Russian troops and transcript of the conversation


Что случилось в Сирии. О массовой гибели российских военных и расшифровка переговоров

In Syria on Friday in one day killed several hundred military. Data on the number of dead vary. According to one — killed more than 600 Russian troops (military contractors allegedly from the PMC), according to others more than 200. To date, managed bit by bit to collect enough three-dimensional information about the events and the consequences of direct fire contact between the Russian military and the us army. Losses of the coalition forces, according to the latest data as a result of the conflict there.


1. What was the point of the attack on the position of the Kurds in the region of the Euphrates?

Most likely the main target of the attack mixed Russian-Assad units were oil-rich area in the South-West of Syria, to which long been interested in Russia. The fact is that despite the fact that Assad and the Kremlin together with Iran control about 40-50% of the territory of Syria, they have no economic opportunities to offset the costs of the war, and most importantly no resources on the restoration of completely destroyed areas that they control. Thus, the Kremlin had the idea to take oil region in 80 kilometers from Deir ez-Zor, where possible in the future Rosneft and Gazprom will be able to expand their operations. However, just a few days before promotion to the area of the Russian military, the territory was placed under the control of the Syrian opposition, which is part of the anti-terrorist coalition with the U.S. military. In the orders of the democratic forces of the Syrian opposition were the American military advisers, including on the front.

However, the Kremlin decided to “feel the area” and in case of a weak counter to seize the territory. The operation was prepared at first defiantly, and after also demonstratively destroyed the bridge over the Euphrates, imposed by the Russian military, began the accumulation of large forces for the offensive.

2. How is the operation of Russian troops in Syria.

“General Hassan, the commander of the Kurds led by the Democratic forces of Syria in the region, indicates the location on the map to the East of the city of Deir ez-Zor, about 80 kilometers Southeast of here, where, according to him, the tanks and artillery supporting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad began on Wednesday evening to progress to the headquarters occupied by his forces and advisors from us special operations forces (Hasan and some other senior Kurdish commanders, does not mention his full name).

According to Hassan, he received intelligence on the preparation of the offensive side supporting regime forces. At 21:30 on Wednesday, about half an hour before the start of the offensive, he called the Russian liaison officer in Deir ez-Zor, which is in contact, in the hope that he will be able to stop the operation. “We said that there is a definite movement and that we would not want to attack the participants in these actions. They (the Russians) did not accept our offer, they denied everything and said that nothing happens,” Hassan said through an interpreter. He spoke with a few reporters who came here on Thursday with major General James Gerrardo exercising control over the actions of American special operations forces in Syria and Iraq.

American officers made a similar attempt, aimed at preventing collisions. As highlighted in Thursday’s statement by the Pentagon, “the coalition’s representatives were constantly in touch with their Russian colleagues before, during and after” approach. “The Russian military assured the coalition that they will not attack a nearby coalition forces,” — said in the statement.

According to Hassan, the attack began at about 22:00 and support the regime formation began to move forward under cover of volleys of tank and artillery shells, the shells which exploded about 450 metres from the positions held by the Democratic forces of Syria and American soldiers.

All presumably in the attack were initially involved, one battalion task force, which included more than 10 tanks and about three dozen other armored vehicles. After the us military withdrew from the front line, the Russians decided to develop the offensive and to enact second — reservou battalion tactical group, the exact number of which is unknown.

The American air force responded to the threat of devastating blows original precision artillery and perhaps, according to eyewitnesses used HIMARS (eng. High Mobility Artillery Rocket System — pronunciation. Himars) is an American high-mobility rocket artillery system tactical purpose. These are missiles that can fly up to 200 km. in five minutes and destroy in one volley of up to 50 targets with precision-guided munitions. Most likely it is through this system was destroyed by the Russian artillery battery cover, and the drones were used only for targeting the fire. After the destruction of the enemy artillery, as well as operational orders of the Russians and asadito, was struck in the rear units, which was virtually destroyed on the March second BTG.

Simultaneously, she worked for electronic warfare system, fully suppressed the communication in the operational orders, which explains that I managed to obtain a transcript of the negotiations of the rear groups. The air was controlled by two pairs probably (as usual) F22 Raptor to track the possible appearance of aircraft of the Russian Federation in a given area.

According to Hassan, in the midst of this carnage he again called the Russian liaison officer and asked him to take a break from fighting in order to pick up the dead and wounded during the offensive, which he denied. The Kurdish leader saw this as treachery. “The more we Russian don’t trust,” said Hassan. And when one of the reporters noted the paradox — Russian officer at first denied the attack, and then asking for a ceasefire, Hassan said: “it’s Funny that the superpower does not know what they are doing its power on earth.”

About two hours after the counterattack had destroyed 80% of all the forces of the Russians and asadito. Now began the “flea hunt” — using the “counterinsurgency” AC-130 and two pairs of attack helicopters, the Americans, under cover of the F22 finally cleared the area of enemy attack.

How about this occurs can be estimated by the video below (recorded archive):

Total losses of Russia and Assad amounted to 90% of all the equipment and 70-80% of the manpower. The American military out of the match apparently unscathed. The whole operation lasted about six hours.

3. Why different data on the losses of the Russians?

The main reason is the complete concealment of information from the beginning of the operation of the Russian army and before it is completed. In addition there were two battalion tactical group. Probably the first (on the frontline) and killed 217 of Russians (mercenaries from PMCs). The second group was split on the March (at least three companies of Russians). Hence the difference in the rating from 217 to 640 of the Russian military. I must say that in fact the coalition forces were totally wiped out not only the advanced group, but a group of artillery support, and a rear group including an operational headquarters, the commander of the offensive.

4. What is PMC “Wagner” and why write that they were killed?

PMC “Wagner” is masking the name of the most capable of Russian troops in Syria, the so-called “itemname”. It forces assault special forces that actively fought in the Ukraine and now in Syria. Before the attack, the Russian military of these units hand over their passports. military tickets, dress in the form of Assad’s forces. In fact they are all Russian military personnel-contractors. The coalition knows about it, and watching their movement constantly.

5. What are the consequences of this operation for the Kremlin and the coalition?

I must say that the complete destruction of the American forces in Syria, the Russian military group in the early hours has caused shock in the headquarters of Russian troops in Syria, and the Kremlin in the aftermath. Was a surprise not only that the Americans have answered the call of the Kremlin in the oil-rich area of Syria, but the strength with which they responded. Estimated units of Russians, destroyed in southern Syria accounted for about 20% of all the Russian assault forces. They were destroyed in a few hours. Already чере3 a few hours, the U.S. side announced from official sources, that destroyed Assad’s forces during their offensive against the coalition. They also stated that about any “Russian atamato” in the area they knew nothing. Through the day on two planes in Russia was delivered about 150 of the wounded Russians. Some of the wounded left on the territory of the Russian airbases in Syria.

The Kremlin has abstained from a clear response, expressing only “deep concern” about the situation in the South of Syria. Most likely in the nearest future Russia will abstain on any operations in the direction of the coalition forces, having received a cruel lesson. According to experts, Russia in case of conflict with the coalition may lose all its bases in Syria for three days.

A day after the events in the area of Deir ez-Zor, began the active operation of the Israeli army in the Damascus area. Finding in its airspace UAV made in Iran, the Israeli army hit him, and then launched a heavy attack on military targets of Hezbollah and Assad’s forces. Then, after losing one of his plane (presumably shot down by air defense systems s-300), Israel destroyed near Damascus massive blow 8 air defense batteries.


Probably in the near future military action in Syria aktiviziruyutsya mainly in the Central areas. The situation around the Russian military presence will be much worse the coming months, which could lead, if not reached a clear agreement to its evacuation in mid-end of the year, as well as the annihilation of the Assad regime in the aftermath.

The US army has proved their overwhelming superiority in a given theater of military operations. Starting from the technical superiority and finishing techniques of warfare and control. Russian troops prepared and conducted completely incompetent and senseless operation that was identified during the planning phase. In addition, the Russian army is not able to conduct night-offensive — troops asaditov and Russians were shot actually in the dash, and with a complete loss of orientation of the latter.

Victor Shevchuk. Russian world.


Here’s a transcript of the radio for this reason. The Russian media are silent about it because the President of the Russian Federation has been officially declared that Syria won the final victory and therefore victims should not be.

Information is taken from Telegram-channel WarGonzo who leads a war correspondent Semyon Pegov…

Voice 1:”…anyway, it’s called….times….whether our own, here in short. In one company called…th n 200 people….th two hundred immediately, another 10 people and that’s about a third don’t know, but it’s still told very much at all here in short, three companies suffered, bill Pindos, first Arta covered n…th epyt here and then raised fuck 4 turntables and carousel launched in short from heavy machine guns n…..y is shorter than X….if our machines except of n…..th nebylo anything, well, not to mention there about some MANPADS, and so forth, in short told there is finally well, made a hell there and Pindos specifically and clearly knew n…th what are we doing here, Russian here our was the pressing plant and they are on the plant in short in short, we sat pussy got finally hard Sciences….th here right now, me n the boys stopped ringing….th sitting there thumps in short, a lot of very n….th b..be missing well, it’s shorter than p…..C b finally there..be another humiliation fucking and so-called us….th nonktube n….y is not considered as hell did generally think that now our rear b..you cut so-called….th our government and no one no response did not do anything and no one will destroy. for this n…th here are here we have a man down!»

Voice 2: “Brother, look. There are 177 dead — only 5 company. 2-well almost not caught. In short the top 5 all destroyed, they unrolled there aircraft, choppers, artillery and the Kurdish Americans of them flooded, the boys just didn’t stand a chance, 5-ka went to almost all. Here are the remnants of a heavy, now “Tulpan” will come in the night today, will then have to meet. Come on. V. also, in my opinion, if we, too negative”.

Voice 3: “in Short, parnyaga stopped ringing now, they are in a column lined up, they did not get to these three hundred meters, b…b, seven hundred, said to the position, one platoon went forward, and the column stood. They are shorter about three hundred meters not reached. The American flag is raised and it art the beginning of tough Hu…..t, and then the chopper flew up and started E…Ty all, that ran… Now parnyaga stopped ringing — a total of 215 “hundred”, like so, in short unrolled just hard… Identified himself… Our General hoped for? Type do s……I? Scare? [email protected] knows… in a nutshell H…I… Someone generally recognize can not, there are people to Fig. They are a standing column of POH..Chile just Arta even the infantry did not put forward, purely Arta tries..Chile, and all and p….centner.»

Voice 4: “the art, he says, survived one tank and one BRDM, and all the rest “a mess”, all other tanks were destroyed in the first minutes of the fight immediately»…


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