What good health can bring new potatoes


Какую пользу здоровью может принести молодой картофельNutritionists have listed the nutritional properties of potatoes.

In may comes the season of fresh vegetables and of course potatoes, which literally smells of summer and happy for all their sweet flavor.

Today price new potato “bite” and therefore allow her to eat each day can not all Ukrainians. In some regions the cost is around 50 UAH, and somewhere more expensive.

It remains to wait and then get use with new potatoes completely.

Medicinal ingredients:

In the may potatoes contain vitamins A, b, C, K, folic acid, choline, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iodine, phosphorus, antioxidants and other substances that make this vegetable is mega-useful.

The most useful properties of young potatoes:

– strengthens the walls of blood vessels and cells;

– concerned about maintaining youthful tissues in the body;

– removes free radicals and prevents the formation of cancer cells;

– frees the body of excess fluid and thus prevents swelling;

– juice young potato has a healing property, because it can be used for external wounds/scrapes/abrasions and treatment of ulcerative diseases of the stomach or duodenum 12;

– enriches the body with vitamins and prevents the development of spring beriberi;

– helps to lose weight, as it contains few calories.

If you use new potatoes with dill and green onions, then the benefit will be doubled.


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