What dairy products in our country often counterfeited


Какие молочные продукты в нашей стране подделывают чаще всего

A month ago the Rosselkhoznadzor, Rospotrebnadzor and “Rascacielo” reviewed dairy products all over Russia. The government wanted to know whether the large proportion of counterfeits and grey imports. But the test results, the public is somehow still not learned. Are they so terrible?!

Forged a third of all “milk”

The crisis in the dairy market deepening: according to the National Union of milk producers (Soyuzmoloko), from the beginning of the year in Russia has been steadily declining procurement prices for raw milk that is used in the production of dairy products. Moreover, the fall in procurement prices has affected all without exception regions of Russia.

Thus, the profitability goes negative — that is, producers simply operate at a loss. This happens due to the fact that the market has seized counterfeit and grey import from Belarus.

Most manufacturers violate Technical regulations, substituting animal (dairy) fats of vegetable — ie, the usual palm oil. Unlike milk, it is stored much longer, it is easier to transport and, of course, cheaper.

At the same time, oddly enough, the exact data on the amount of falsification in the dairy market of Russia is still there. According to the announced in the past year, the conclusions of the accounting chamber of the Russian Federation, fake — a quarter of dairy products.

But CPS also last year reported that a counterfeit is at least one third of dairy products in Russia; for some commodities (cheese, cheese, dairy desserts), the proportion of counterfeiting reaches 60%.

In the segment of cheese, the situation is catastrophic. In January, the Rosselkhoznadzor reported that every year in Russia comes up to 300 thousand tons of counterfeit products, not manufactured from dairy and vegetable fats.

16 March, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich instructed the three departments to Rosselkhoznadzor, Rospotrebnadzor and “Rascacielo” — to inspect the dairy industry. She had to raise most popular products: drinking milk, cheese and butter.

To check was in the shortest possible time — up to 26 March, and responsible for its implementation was appointed Minister for Open government Mikhail Abyzov. However, the results of check the public never saw: the Russians still don’t know how big the share of the fake “milk” on our shelves. But the country began to appear the institutions of power that actively talk about the benefits of palm oil and the dangers of the animal. So, apparently, we are accustomed to the idea that the milk of palm body fat is what you need.

A quarter of milk — “Linden”

Recently “Roskoshestvo” reported that they had inspected the quality of sour cream 20% fat, which in Russia has purchased the products of 50 brands, which were sent to an independent laboratory (evaluated sour cream for 75 parameters of quality and safety). All the samples were rejected eight, and only one (Bashkiria) found a mixture of vegetable fat.

Among the offenders — the manufacturers cream, which found the mold (although it is possible that the product is not spoiled at the dairy plant, and the warehouse or on the counter). Often, dairy producers “forgot” to specify on the label the presence of preservatives and stabilizers. In some samples found even antibiotics (tetracycline and penicillin) — this suggests that the milk is taken from diseased animals.

After “Rascacielos” hastened to carry out a similar verification and “Roskontrol” — structure was not public but private. But the conclusions she came much more tragic. Across the country bought pasteurized drinking milk 32 brands from which reject had every fourth sample.

Manufacturers of failed tests at the presence of vegetable fats, which are substituted for real milk. In addition, several samples were much less “steep” violations — low fat content, and underfilling in the packaging.

What is happening in the market of milk and dairy products in Russia?! This “Free press” talked to our resident expert, Professor Vladimir Edeleman, one of the leaders of the Center for applied medicine and food security MSU.

— The phrase “children should drink milk, be healthy” familiar to us from childhood, became a popular expression around the world. That dairy products are rich in calcium and protein from dairy products is well absorbed even children know. But this is only if the milk is good. And in our country, milk is in big trouble.

At a meeting on 14 March 2018, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich said that the lack of milk production in Russia has reached 25% of the total consumption. That is, of the 40 million tons of us are missing 8 million. This is certainly a record performance degradation of the agrarian sector of the country. Where does the 8 million tons? There are several sources: falsification, Belarus, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, China.

Of course, the first source of the shortfall is falsification. Her very, very much. “Roskoshestvo” says 60% of adulterated dairy products, we in some positions and saw 80%. The state forgery did not fight, not struggle and fight in the near future will not.

“SP”: — Not too radical for me.

— And I will explain why I have this opinion. Imagine tomorrow the government punish those unscrupulous manufacturers and made to only produce good dairy products, but in this case, where to get raw?! Lost a huge percentage of production: milk-the production of no, and natural dairy products are much more expensive than fake.

Remember that unscrupulous manufacturers primarily substitute in the milk of counterfeit products natural animal fats for a cheap hydrogenated and palm, often without proper cleaning.

In adulterated milk, kefir, ryazhenka you can find water as a diluting component, vegetable fats (often palm oil) as one of the cheapest components to increase the mass fraction of fat, soda, chalk, vegetable proteins (to increase the mass fraction of protein), starch, lactose synthesized industrial.

Water, starch, palm fat, stabilizers, dyes, flavoring and the spell “hocus-pocus Presto” allows unscrupulous manufacturers to produce extremely similar to natural dairy products are unhealthy counterfeits.

Sour cream, yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese can be a complete forgery, that is, do not contain dairy components. Fake butter littered the shelves. A lot of fraud in the segment of dry and condensed milk.

“SP”: — but what advice would you give to a buyer who walks into the store?

— Each user in Russia, often goes to the store, as a miner on the peaceful field, and the miner is no margin for error. Knowing about the adulteration of milk products, reading composition, understand the quality, buying only the good manufacturers you’ll save your health, the health of their loved ones.


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