What cryptocurrencies will give 10000% in 2018?


Какие криптовалюты дадут 10000% в 2018 году?

In the market of digital kalut presented more than a thousand different altcoins. What cryptocurrencies can compete with bitcoin and give a sharp rise 100x in the market? Market analysis for 2018 from the experts.

Authoritative expert cryptocurrency market BitTelelgraf INC unveiled the actual rating of the most popular digital projects for 2018 and 2019 years. This company in the beginning of last year presented a successful forecast of the market for digital currencies ETH, Monero and DASH. As predicted, they added in a 100-1000x fold.

Experts BitTelelgraf INC ranked, taking into account market fluctuations and the state of Affairs in the cryptocurrency market.

The three leaders according to the experts:

Epc – Coin- http://epccoin.org/

This electronic money system, based on cryptography. This digital cash to make payments or other monetary transactions around the world. Development EPC Coin was conducted specifically for the online gaming and entertainment.

Tkeycoin DAO https://tkeycoin.com/

It is an international decentralized platform. It includes the monetary system, and marketplace framework for developers. With cryptocurrencies this project, you will make the payment of goods/services from your phone even in offline stores.

Crowd Machine – https://www.crowdmachine.com/

Platform, the purpose of which — the creation of decentralized applications. Users using their own device, to contribute to the computing power of the project. For this they were guaranteed a reward token from the Crowd Machine.

Note that the experts considered BitTelelgraf INC projects unlimited market and no attachment to capital. Under these criteria best suited decentralized platform with high-tech solutions covering almost all spheres of activity.

Major investors agree that the blockchain platforms are considered to be one of the best investment tools.


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