What cars are easy to survive Ukrainian winter


С какими автомобилями легко пережить украинскую зимуThere is nothing worse than getting somewhere on untreated, rough roads.

When outside the snow was falling, and the utility of traditionally “slept” weather. There is nothing worse than getting somewhere on untreated, rough roads. Especially hard if you need to go out of town. The cars on this list cope with this task. And driving not into the challenge and the fun.

Ford RaptorTRAX

С какими автомобилями легко пережить украинскую зиму

Engineers from the firm Hennessey Performance (Texas, USA) take the serial pickups Ford F-150S 4X4 and make a super VelociRaptor SUV with a turbocharged 6.2-liter engine producing 600 horsepower. The order was created, even the monster Ford RaptorTRAX. It established caterpillar mover of each Mattracks instead of wheels. In fact, it turned out the world’s fastest Sagamore.

Dartz Automobile

С какими автомобилями легко пережить украинскую зиму

Latvian firm Dartz has released the vehicle for billionaires, monarchs and dictators. And for the Russian and Chinese rich specially crafted prombron SUV. It is built on the platform of the Mercedes-Benz GL with an engine of 1500 horsepower. hidden under a muscular hood. The car is available in different versions, for example “Aladdin” — with a gold Polish, or “Black shark” — Matt black. Power, handling and permeability Dartz Automobile will allow you to take out any snow.

KAMAZ-4911 Extreme

С какими автомобилями легко пережить украинскую зиму

Perhaps, everyone has heard about the victories of the team “KAMAZ-master” on the international rally, including the famous “Dakar”. But few people know that the racing KAMAZ you can buy. It will be a car capable of driving on ordinary roads but which is not terrible any off-road: neither snow nor sand. Dynamics of vehicle weighing 10.3 tons amazing: a maximum speed of 180 km/h and it accelerates to 100 in just 16 seconds. Engine – turbo diesel engine YAMZ with a capacity of 750 HP For the ease with which KAMAZ-4911 off the ground, making jumping, its called “flying”.

Conquest Evade

С какими автомобилями легко пережить украинскую зиму

Canadian company Conquest Vehicles Inc. specializiruetsya in the production of armored SUVs hand-built. Evade is the latest ultra-luxury innovation of the company. The package of night-vision goggles to see the wild animals in the dark, and durable bulletproof body will be useful in case the driver does not fit into a turn on a snowy road. The SUV is equipped with wheels that are broken, be allowed to leave the snow and get home.

Icon BR

С какими автомобилями легко пережить украинскую зиму

Fans of vintage cars can come to the liking of SUV Icon BR. California firm Icon reworks vintage Land Cruiser and Ford Bronco in cars that bring a lot of fun and entertainment. In the car put a modern 5.0-litre V8 engine with a Ford Mustang GT. He gives an astounding 400 HP and 540 Nm of torque. Suspension completely redone, and she is not afraid of any obstacles at any speed.

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6

С какими автомобилями легко пережить украинскую зиму

Until recently, three-axis “G” went only military Australian army. But Mercedes-Benz has made civilian version where anyone can ride on regular roads. However, you need to be prepared to pay $ 500,000 for this car.

The manufacturer claims that the three-axle monster easily passes through meter high snow drifts and water obstacles. Ride this Godzilla easily, despite its size. At the same time, the G63 AMG is very expensive SUV with the cabin luxury: quilted leather, carbon fiber trim, heated seats.

The Sherpa ATV

С какими автомобилями легко пережить украинскую зиму

The Sherpa is designed for long-travel four people in a harsh environment. It is designed to overcome all types of obstacles that only can be found in the wild. The car is not too spacious or comfortable, because its main objective is different: to Wade through the snow drifts, fallen trees, swamps, quicksand, cross the river and climb on the ice. Any gank machine will get out thanks to a 44-horsepower engine, 5-speed automatic transmission and a hefty tubeless tires.


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