What about those who are shy to play sports due to magnificent forms


Что делать тем, кто стесняется заниматься спортом из-за пышных формToday, fashion and its standards out of the box.

Curvy is now perceived not as a drawback of the female body, but as a real standard of beauty and femininity.

So if you’ve been meaning to go to the gym, but shy of his body, immediately forget about all your complexes! Listen to these tips and feel happy!

Buy a beautiful sports form

Yes, sports t-shirt and well-worn pants will not stimulate you to exercise. And if you buy not only comfortable, but also beautiful shape, you will have the desire to walk more often.

Bright prints, V-neckline and contrast panels on the clothes will help hide the extra, and special sneakers will even be able to amortize the tendon during exercise.

Select the correct sport

In certain sports there is also a fashion. But if you mindlessly follow the fitness trends, and not to engage in the sports you like workout can very quickly get bored. Alternate between strength exercises and cardio, go to aerobics, do yoga, train the muscles of the back and legs, regularly download press this approach will ensure a smooth transformation of the whole body.

Properly reward yourself for work in the hall

And we are not talking about how to eat a piece of cake after a workout. And, for example, on vacation in the bath or sauna, which will allow you to quickly excrete salt of lactic acid.

Gradually you will get used to this relaxing and they will become for you an additional reason to visit the fitness club.


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