West spoke in the language of Putin


Запад заговорил на языке Путина

The discussion in the UN security Council alleged himataki in Syria and the new sanctions the United States has shown that the West spoke with Russia in new ways. In the Kremlin it seems that was not ready, said Konstantin Eggert.

“Where is the evidence?” – “Cost!”. “We have the facts!” “You’re lying! We see right through you!”. “Don’t call us “regime”!” – “Mode, mode, mode!” Approximately so to build a dialogue, Russia’s permanent envoy to the UN, Vasily Nebuni with his colleague from the United States, Nikki Haley, British Ambassador Karen pierce, Swedish, Dutch and Polish representatives. And it looks as if Washington, London and their allies have now decided to talk with the official Moscow on her tongue.

Loneliness, Nebuni, the fate of Assad and Putin’s silence

At the meeting, convened at Russia’s initiative, nebesa their statements were all alone. Twenty minutes he argued that the Russian experts found no traces of toxic substances in the town of Duma near Damascus. In the Duma, according to Syrian activists and Western officials, the Assad regime has again used chemical weapons. Nebenzia also required to explain why cremated Guinea pigs Sergei Skripal, and mocked the United States, which, according to him, no allies, but only Yes-men.

However, the allies were from Russia. The so-called “strategic partners” from China expressed (as happened many times before) in the sense that chemical weapons are bad, all investigations must be honest, responsible serious, cucumbers – green and the air clean. The representative of the Union of Russia Kazakhstan so powerfully emphasized the neutrality and impartiality that it became obvious that Astana gave its diplomats instructions not to offend the Kremlin, but at the same time does not help Moscow. The Americans and the British accused the “Russian regime” to block the work of the UN security Council for the sake of Assad. Nikki Haley promised that Washington will respond to the events in the Duma, even if the security Council does not adopt on this account any decisions. When the British pier, without hiding a smile, turned to Nebesa: “my Russian colleagues too good English, so he could understand my words”, it became clear – a fight without rules. And not only in the UN.

Collapse in Moscow

Drama in new York unfolded against the backdrop of the collapse of the Russian stock exchanges and a rapid fall of the capitalization of Russian megacompany, particularly state banks such as VTB and Sberbank, as well as the assets of Oleg Deripaska. According to various estimates, the capitalization of Russian oligarchs owned companies fell by 12-16 billion dollars within a few hours.

The list of sanctioned Russian individuals and legal entities, promulgated by the U.S. Treasury at the end of the previous week, have caused a predictable reaction of the Russian elite, for example, the head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller. He said that the inclusion in the list is proof that “we’re doing the right thing”.

But behind the bravado there is, if not panic, utter confusion of the Kremlin. The day was diving stock indexes, and the fate of the main client of Moscow, Bashar al-Assad hung in the balance, all that were able to provide the world with official Russian representatives were: a) the business of sanctioned oligarchs will help the state, probably through the creation of a special offshore jurisdictions in Russia; b) the President, Donald trump was wrong when he called the Syrian dictator “the beast”. And that’s all.

Sanctions trump as a deferred sentence

The Kremlin was not “plan B” in case the helpless policy of Obama and Kerry will change to massive diplomatic and economic offensive by Washington and its allies. Just two months ago, the Russian Ministers, deputies and pocket manual propagandists strained laughed at the so-called “the Kremlin list” of the U.S. Treasury – they say, stupid Americans rewrote the Moscow telephone directory. As I wrote then, laugh not worth it.

The list was a sentence with the postponed execution. Sentenced choose as the lottery, according to principles known only to the White house. And if three or four years ago it was possible to pay lobbyists lots of money to try to convince Americans to forget about the existence of a powerful Russian citizen, but now it’s impossible to do. Official Russia in Washington left defenders. And that really thinks about Putin, Donald trump, in this context, became completely unimportant.

The poisoning of the father and daughter Skrobala in Salisbury and the Russian reaction to it seems inspired collective West to use against the Kremlin with his own weapon: to deny it publicly to be rude, and beat, beat, beat it hurts. What is the Russian ruling elite was much. Along with the ruble finally collapsed remnants of trust between Moscow and Western capitals. And Emmanuel macron who intend to attend the annual economic forum in St. Petersburg, will arrive to support the Russian elite, and to inquire, not whether it is ready to change their behavior in the international arena.

Sure: the French President is waiting for a negative response. Vladimir Putin will not retreat. One of the ideological gurus of the Kremlin Vladislav Surkov (presidential aide. – Ed.) already published in the journal “Russia in global Affairs” article “the Loneliness of blood”.The main idea Surkov is simple: “Loneliness is the normal state for Russia.” She doesn’t need allies. Capturing the Crimea in 2014, Moscow has put an end to more than three hundred years of the history of attempts to westernize. And this, according to the author, it’s fine, even good. Russia finally became myself, not the West and not the East, namely “half-breed”.

The inventor of the term “sovereign democracy” makes a good mine at bad game. Neither the structure of the Russian economy or the mood of its ruling elite have never been so closely linked with the West as it is today. And never (for the last hundred years at least), the international authority of its leadership were not so low. To paraphrase a famous joke of Boris Nemtsov, playing Stalin is possible only by abandoning the lifestyle of Roman Abramovich. To this those who both manages and owns Russia is not ready. Vladimir Putin may be dosidev to the end of his fourth presidential term. The West, in fact, afraid of change in Russia, so the pressure on the Kremlin will dispense. But the triumph March 18, were irreparably damaged by the events of recent weeks. And this cannot be undone.


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