Well-known Ukrainian TV presenter was fascinated by the extravagant costume


Olha Freimut announced a new TV show.

Famous blonde shared the news that now will lead the new Internet project dedicated to the Transfiguration. For this she needed her extravagant costume, which saw fans to a new photo.

Recently TV presenter Olga Freimut intrigued fans of a photo in an unusual costume, but finally revealed the name of the project, leading which it will be. So, the famous blonde will now become a powerful motivator for wanting to lose weight.

Since then the TV star Olga freymut will face well-known Internet project, which transforms people. By the way, this place went to a TV host for a reason: the celebrity recently gave birth to her third child, and after just a few weeks, came in great shape through proper nutrition and fitness.

“May novena))) Vasogen I veduchikh Gris #SALINASCA.”

The participants of the Internet project incredibly happy to see as his leading Olga Freimut, which is considered the ideal of a strong and confident woman with a stunning figure. By the way, the TV host stood up to their haters to criticism about its tired look and wrinkles.


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