Well-known scientist from NASA found evidence of life on Mars


Известный ученый из НАСА нашел доказательства жизни на Марсе The expert believes that the space Agency is hiding the data.

Scientist Barry DiGregorio was accused NASA that the organization doesn’t want people to life on Mars. The man as gave evidence photos taken by the Curiosity Rover. The pictures supposedly there are traces of life of the Martians.

Fellow of the Buckingham University focuses on photo, which clearly shows traces of some fossils indicating that Mars had once walked on warm-blooded creatures.

In the space of the organization in response to the report of the scientist said that the traces are crystals. Experts at NASA are considering the situation under the “different angles” and not just one side.

Barry DiGregorio has not abandoned his theory and continues to suspect the organization in the deception, because NASA benefits from the concealment of data: this will allow you to send people to Mars in 2030-ies.

According to the scientist, NASA could continue to study the “crystals”, but for some reason stopped research. Apparently, finding something scary experts.

To prove his innocence, Barry DiGregorio drew other scientists to his cause. Common efforts, he hopes to open the world’s eyes to the fact that earlier on Mars were wandering aliens and the Red planet was once the main habitat of the “little green men”.


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