Weapon of the Nazis, who are still fighting in Syria


Оружие нацистов, с которым до сих пор воюют в Сирии

Since the Second world war left millions of different weapons, and not all of them went to the smelter or on the dusty shelves arsenals. Part continued the war, only in the hands of other soldiers.

We just wrote about the Soviet weapons, which still serves as their new owners, and the German samples are also dispersed around the world. In your material 42.TUT.BY looked at arms of the Wehrmacht, which is now used in Syria.

StG 44

During the Second world war assault rifles StG 44 was armed with mostly elite units of the SS. Then, the weapon was considered advanced, and indeed StG 44 — first-in-class weapon, which was mass-produced. In all there were about 450 thousand of these machines.

Оружие нацистов, с которым до сих пор воюют в Сирии

Terrorists with StG 44, Syria. flickr.com

Most of the weapons got into Syria from Czechoslovakia in the years 1950-1965. In addition, for a short time this assault rifle produced in Turkey.

Оружие нацистов, с которым до сих пор воюют в Сирии

An honor guard from StG-44, Czechoslovakia. Photo: axishistory.com

The rifle could be set optical and infrared sights. Of the shortcomings — heavy (5.2 kg), easy to deform the receiver and the stock, attachment which could be broken in the melee.

Оружие нацистов, с которым до сих пор воюют в Сирии

The gunman is firing from the StG 44, Syria. Image: youtube.com

As an advantage it can be noted the accuracy when firing single shots. However, queues also turned out not bad: at a target with a diameter of 11.5 cm at a distance of 100 m more than half of the bullets within the circle with a diameter of 5.4 cm

Light howitzer of the Wehrmacht

Light howitzer le.F.H.18M could be used in the battle of Stalingrad or any other fierce battles of the great Patriotic war. This weapon is an upgraded version of the light howitzers le.F.H.18, participated in the companies of the Wehrmacht from the first days of the Second world war, but she had shortcomings, for example, a relatively small range.

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Оружие нацистов, с которым до сих пор воюют в Сирии

Photo: Flickriver

Production of a modernized version began in 1940. Especially for shooting at maximum range, the Germans created a high-explosive projectile 10,5 cm FH Gr Fern with a weight of 14.25 kg (weight of TNT — 2.1 kg). When firing charge No. 6, the initial speed was 540 m/s and the range — 12 of 325 m

Оружие нацистов, с которым до сих пор воюют в Сирии

Photo: pinimg.com

All were released 6933 such guns. When upgrading failed to get rid of one serious lack — the big weight. To solve this issue, the howitzer barrel le.F.H.18M imposed on carriage of 75-mm anti-tank guns Cancer 40. The resulting “hybrid” was adopted under the designation le.F.H.18/40. A new weapon had nearly a quarter ton less weight in firing position.

Оружие нацистов, с которым до сих пор воюют в Сирии

Photo: wikimedia.org

After the war, those German howitzer was modernized in Czechoslovakia, where the barrel of the le.F.H.18/40 put on the carriage of the Soviet 122 mm howitzer M-30. This weapon received the designation le.F.H.18/40N. In Syria, such a howitzer was seen the militant group “Ahrar al-sham”.


German submachine gun MP-38/40 small quantities were purchased by Damascus since the 60-ies. This weapon is not particularly popular in Syria. It is rarely seen in the hands of the security forces in the 70-ies, some of them were transferred to the military of Lebanon.


This weapon has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Low rate of fire the MP-38/40 allows experienced arrow short press the trigger to fire.

Оружие нацистов, с которым до сих пор воюют в Сирии

Photo: forum.guns.ru

The ammunition used in the MP-40 — 9×19 Parabellum, has good stopping power, but makes PP useless at ranges of over 150 meters.

MP-40 is sensitive to dirt due to the presence in the design of the damper. If the inside of the bolt was Packed dirt, the shooting was impossible.

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MG-34 — the first single machine gun ever put into service. The machine gun could be used in hand or mounted version that allowed to install an optical sight.

Оружие нацистов, с которым до сих пор воюют в Сирии

Syria, Lattakia. In the hands of a heavy MG-34. Image: youtube.com

It has a high rate (up to 1000 RDS./min.) and has lethal munition (7,92×57 Mauser). This gun could carry, he could easily keep the fire of infantry units.

Оружие нацистов, с которым до сих пор воюют в Сирии

The Syrian army repelled the militants weapons. In the center is the MG-34. Photo: colonelcassad.livejournal.com

Despite many advantages, the MG-34 was the obvious disadvantages — great weight, great sensitivity to contamination of the receiver and to the thickening of the lubricant at low temperatures, which led to delays in shooting.

At first the civil war in Syria, the machine gun was used quite often — this weapon is one of the first was stolen by militants from the warehouses.


This gun was designed to replace the MG-34. MG-42 turned out safer, cheaper, and its metal content was reduced by 50%. The new gun was not afraid of the mud and allowed almost continuous shooting.

Оружие нацистов, с которым до сих пор воюют в Сирии

Action LIH to MG-42. Image: youtube.com

Rate of fire MG-42 reached 1500 RDS./min. After the Second world war career of the gun is not over, and it still is in service with many countries of the world.

By the way, gunsmiths of Beretta made a version called the MG-42/59 for the Italian army during the cold war (used cartridges 7.62 NATO), but the rate of fire was lower (800 RDS./min).

This version was seen on the arms of ISIS. As for the original MG-42 in the late 1940s and early 1950s years, Syria has received a small number of original MG-42 of world war II from France and Czechoslovakia.


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