“We live in hell!” Under the Gagarin for several days in the blazing dump, can not be put out


"Мы живем в аду!" Под Гагарином уже несколько дней полыхает свалка, потушить не могут

Under the Gagarin for a few days already blazing a dump, to put out her fire can’t

Gagarin in the town slowly begins to panic, already burning for several days dumping of solid waste in the village of Ivashkovo to put out.

In the city there is an intolerable smell from the burning garbage, the smoke began to spread on the highway M-1. The local took the phone and started calling various authorities in the hope of salvation.

“We have small children, elderly parents, suffering from various diseases! It’s time for CHS to announce!!! The situation with the dump fire gets out of control! If the city fire brigade can not cope, then there is an additional service and strength. Eventually the neighboring areas that can help the situation. Where to go, what to do? Tell me!” — there was a message in social networks.

Tonight and morning gagarintsy all also held in the cloud of smoke and stench. Worried local what to dump dumped the batteries, thermometers, mercury lamps and more. And all of this at the moment, have to breathe to inhabitants of the area. However, they had hope. The people were promised that tomorrow to the dump arrives graders, who will fill the seats of fire.

“He said that in all tomorrow will blow. Will begin work brigade fire service 07-30, will fill and spread by graders.That in any case the residents not to approach, not to extinguish on their own, can fail and die. A reply was received that our fire Department worked from 7-30 am 22-00, and can’t cope,” — said a local resident a few hours ago.

We are watching the situation.



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