“We did not send you there”: more often hear in Ukraine, the veterans of the ATO


"Мы вас туда не посылали": все чаще слышат на Украине ветераны АТО

A couple of years ago such events would have caused a real storm of passions in the “Patriotic” segment of the Ukrainian society, and daring operatel rights “hero of anti-terrorist operation” would be publicly humiliated and forced to apologize. Today, this is no surprise, but the reaction of the “Patriotic public” for the most part of such cases does not occur.

The scene Kiev. Two only are described in the social networks case two days:

“I went in, showed his identity of combatants – and then it started. The driver said that for me there is no place that I “play war games“ and added: “In ’43 –’ 45 a country freed, and you in 4 years, the two cities to the people. Are you special to get a free ride?”

“I am a disabled war veteran, was wounded in the head and a concussion. My son Ilya also wounded in the ATO – he had shrapnel wounds of the face and eyes. On June 1 we went to the 54-th bus in Zavodskoy district. I showed the certificate of the invalid, and the son showed the certificate of the participant of military operations. The driver told us that we’re lucky that we are fascists, drug addicts, alcoholics. The word “fascists“ I broke down and punched him in the face. The son took the tablet and began to shoot. The driver flew up to him, knocked from his hands the tablet and hit him right in the bad eye. Began to insult further and said that if we come in to the salon, it is simply not going anywhere”.

“Thanks” “heroes ATO” for this attitude have not only the authorities, who today strongly discrediting, and ourselves. Today, many of them huddled together in gangs and engaged in outright crime, from robbery and the arms trade, to pushing the interests of business and criminal groups in Ukraine.

In the same Zaporozhye for six months there is an open war between two groups of “patriots”. On the one hand are “residents of Azov”, that is “national building” and “ATO veterans”. They periodically organize events and bludgeoning each other over the construction of a new shopping centre in Alascom Park. One gang hired by the building owner and the other his rival (the owner of the shopping center “Ukraine”), who fears that he will suffer losses.

And such cases in Ukraine today do not count. In General, are to blame, gentlemen Volunteers. And, by the way, Yes, you there had really not been sent. You for the most part now are there to serve the volunteers… and in the past many people were in the area of the ATO voluntarily.


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