Washington was forecast for global economic growth


В Вашингтоне составили прогноз роста глобальной экономикиGlobal growth continues more slowly.

Slowing global economic growth may be more significant than previously assumed.

Ministers of Finance and heads of Central banks of the countries “Big twenty” at a meeting in Washington expressed concern about the high speed of the downturn and risks, including protectionism and “trade wars”.

“Global growth continues, but slower than predicted in October. The balance of risks remains tilted to the downside. We are aware of the possibility that the growth Outlook may worsen,” said Minister FINAS Japan Taro ASO.

According to the IMF, the slowdown has affected 70% of the countries – despite the fact that six months ago, 75% of the economy showed a stable growth:
“The growth rate of the EU obviously slowed down compared with the statistics six months ago when we last gathered for the annual meeting. Some loss of pace was of course expected, given that in most countries growth has exceeded the capacity. However, we were surprised by the speed of the decline,” – said the Director of the European Department of the IMF Poul Thomsen.

At the same time, financial experts predict that in the second half of the year the situation can improve if countries continue their accommodative policies and take measures to stimulate their economies.


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