Washington and Berlin have exchanged critical statements


Вашингтон и Берлин обменялись критическими заявлениямиUSA and Germany have continued the controversy over the construction of Russian gas pipeline Nord stream-2.

The US rejected the arguments of foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas in support of Nord stream-2.

“Today you write about the comments of Maas Nord stream-2 and the sanctions and say that it must be a European solution? If so, then we urge you to think about the fact that Europe has supported the European Parliament in December adopted a resolution calling for the abolition of the Nord stream-2. Thank you!” – said the representatives of the U.S. Embassy shortly after the speech of the foreign Minister of Germany.

On the eve of the Meuse opposed the imposition of sanctions in respect of project Nord stream-2, stating that “the European energy policy should be decided in Europe, not in the United States.”

Earlier, the US increased the pressure on Germany and threatened the German and other companies by the punitive measures due to participation in project Nord stream-2.

Recall, 11 December the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress approved a resolution which protested against the construction of the Nord stream-2, and also supported the imposition of sanctions to oppose this project − in particular, against European companies involved in its implementation. The document is non-binding.


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