Warframe will get a major upgrade


Warframe quasi-free available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

On TennoCon Studio Digital Extremes told about a large number of major innovations that will be implemented in the multiplayer action game Warframe in the future, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference on 3dnews.

Digital Extremes secured the support of film Director Dan trachtenberg (Dan Trachtenberg), known for the acclaimed film “Cloverfield, 10”. He is also working on the adaptation of Uncharted. Trachtenberg made a cinematic Intro Warframe, which you can see below.

“Working in collaboration with the team at Digital Extremes was an amazing experience. As a big fan of the game who generate it hundreds of hours, I was interested in creating a story that explains the universe to new players in a rather epic manner and at the same time showering moments, which I hope is doubly interesting for the hardcore gamers with a deeper understanding of the mythology of the game,” said Trachtenberg.

The highlight of the presentation was the upcoming expansion of Empyrean, which will allow you to travel and battle on the spacecraft. A user interface to control speed and direction, deployment of the shield, missiles and a machine gun. The ship can be used to upgrade and customize. Players will be able to attack enemy vessels and plunder them. Also presented were two new warframe, Gauss and Grendel.

In Empyrean will be a new multiplayer system Link Squad that will unite the community of Warframe. Squads of Tenno will be able to use it to connect with other groups and perform together for multi-purpose tasks. In addition, in Warframe improved graphics thanks to the completely rewritten rendering technology (Deferred Renderer) in its own engine, the Evolution Engine Studio. Release date Empyrean announced.

Also Digital Extremes unveiled the trailer for the third update of the open world, Duviri Paradox (is in development), and the fourth cinematic of the quest, The New War (released in the Christmas period, 2019).

Warframe quasi-free available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.


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