VTB announced the termination of cooperation with the companies of Deripaska’s because of the sanctions


ВТБ объявил о прекращении сотрудничества с фирмами Дерипаски из-за санкций

VTB stopped cooperation with the companies of Oleg Deripaska, came to the us sanctions list, and does not give them new loans. Reported about it in interview to the American CNBCглава of VTB Andrey Kostin.

“Of course, we don’t give him [Deripaska] no new money, we have no transactions with him,” said Kostin, who himself is in the sanctions list.

The head of VTB said that the Bank is waiting for further decisions from the U.S. Treasury related to Deripaska’s structures. “We are a big creditor — said Kostin. — We should get our money.”

Commenting on Russian-American relations in General, Kostin noted that “for the first time since the Cuban missile crisis” people in Russia, and maybe in America, I feel the growing danger of World war III”.

“The world has become a much more dangerous place to live,” — said the head of VTB, adding that it “bothers him more than sanctions.”

Oleg Deripaska was included by the U.S. Treasury extended sanctions list in early April. At the same time the restrictive measures were imposed against some Russian officials and businessmen, including Andrey Kostin.

Because of the sanctions of the action associated with the Deripaska companies RUSAL and En+ fell sharply. Later, the U.S. Treasury has clarified that sanctions will not act against companies if Deripaska will control less than 50%. Deripaska agreed. In may, the U.S. Treasury announced that under the same conditions ready to remove the sanctions and the group GAS associated with Deripaska.


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