Vsevolod Chaplin: Unsanitary objects next to the Shrine is a serious violation


Всеволод Чаплин: Антисанитарные объекты рядом со святыней - это серьезное нарушение

Eve continued with the story around the sacred source in village Tashla, Stavropol district, Samara region. We will remind, in July of this year, the journalists were told about the complaints of tourists and parishioners to odor and insects on the territory of the place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians. It turned out that near the source are left over from Soviet times houses that belong to his own brother, a reputable businessman from Tolyatti, the Deputy of the Samara provincial Duma Vladimir Dutseva — Sergei Gucevo. The clergy and workers in the refectory, located on the territory of the Holy spring, admitted that he tired of the flies and smell of manure, but the brothers Ducey don’t want to go towards the Russian Orthodox Church, the parishioners and tourists, and refuse to move the pigs to another location.

After the publication of the first report from the tashly scandal. For example, workers refectory stated that the press exaggerates the scale of the problem. Say, a specific smell, they almost do not feel, and the swarms of flies they do not interfere because they bought a special insect repellent.

It was later revealed that unknown persons had put pressure on clerics and employees of the refectory, who spoke with journalists.

However, many concerned citizens supported the proposal to move the pigs to another place, away from the Holy spring — the place of pilgrimage of believers. They started collecting signatures under the appeal to the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill with a request to intervene and to save the Orthodox Shrine.

Additionally, members addressed an official letter to the acting Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov.

Всеволод Чаплин: Антисанитарные объекты рядом со святыней - это серьезное нарушение

One of the first on the specific neighborhood, the legendary source with the stables belonging to the authoritative brothers, responded with a well-known public figure, a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin. In an exclusive interview News163.ru he not only stood up for a place of pilgrimage and tourist center in the City, but also urged the clergy not to be afraid to fight for “purity of Russian Orthodox Church.”

– What can I say, disgusting it is disgusting. Unfortunately, the Church today accepted the gag. Not to allow to Express their point of view to those who try to argue with the rich and powerful people people, said the priest, – So this situation is I have a little surprise. And the priests, and local residents should have a conscience, it is important, finally, remember that the main response we hold before God, not before the authorities and the rich. With our whole Church, from top – to-bottom, God will ask: “if you Betrayed me for money and for peace of mind, and friendship with the powers that be? It has often happened that for the sake of the relationship with Ministers, governors, mayors, oligarchs, bisneshotelli local level, are the feelings of the faithful, and justice. Trampled the purity in the Church. In the meantime, people accused of immoral action, surrounded by all sorts of honors. But there are facts and evidence of these immoral acts.

According to Vsevolod Chaplin, the output there is only one: not to be afraid and to require all agencies, both Church and state, correct the situation.

– If near a source of unsanitary conditions or profane a Holy place objects, you need to go through the legislation – proposed the well-known priest – In particular, environmental. To beat all the bells, to apply to a variety of state agencies, including, writing letters to the Patriarch. Moreover, if the result is not, as is often the case, to include public mechanisms. The location next to the Shrine is unsanitary objects – is a serious violation. I would place the local Bishop, summoned this man, whoever he was, and just told him that he desecrates the Holy place and, therefore, could not be more Orthodox man.

Archpriest Chaplin believes that this situation happens quite often:

– For the Orthodox Christian an important question: do we sell their conscience and their Shrine for a quiet life, security of person, for money? Besides, it may be wise to contact the regional authorities so that they can help in this matter for the benefit of residents, moved to the pigsty to another place, would have shared the expenses with the businessman.


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