Volkswagen will lay off up to 2.5 thousand people per year


Компания Volkswagen будет увольнять до 2,5 тысяч человек в год

Avtoproizvoditel’noj German company Volkswagen plans to cut up to 2.5 thousand people per year. This is due to the recent scandal in which the American authorities have accused the group of a high level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere from the engines of the cars of this brand.

According to Reuters, the company can go to drastic measures and start cutting up to 2.5 thousand jobs over the next 10 years. According to the publication, who is in the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen about half of the places of Union leaders actively try to avoid direct layoffs. Their position is that the company allowed the employees to early retire.

It should be noted that owing to the scandal between the German automotive giant and the U.S. government first ordered to withdraw from the United States 500 thousand cars. In addition, the 21st of last month, the Ministry of justice of the United States instituted criminal proceedings against Volkswagen, with the consequence that the company may be ordered to pay a fine of up to $ 18 billion.


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