Volkswagen is planning to develop another electric crossover


Volkswagen планирует разработать  еще один электрический кроссоверNow Volkswagen is already working on a single electrical crossover.

Volkswagen plans to develop and produce another electric crossover. This statement in the interview made the main designer of the Volkswagen Klaus Bischoff.

Now Volkswagen is already working on a single electrical crossover. His concept is called I. D. Crozz. In September this year at the Frankfurt motor show public showed a pre-production version of this compact crossover. Its sales should begin in 2019 or 2020.

However, Volkswagen on this, it appears, will not stop. The company plans to launch another model of all-electric crossover. If the serial I. D. Crozz looks to be very similar to your concept, the second crossover will take its design a lot of T-Roc and Tiguan.

According to Bischoff, the second crossover of its size will be slightly larger than the I. D. Crozz. Due to this, the interior will be spacious and very comfortable. We are already intrigued.

The novelty will receive an electric powertrain consisting of two electric motors and a lithium-ion battery. It is expected that its total capacity will be around 300 HP, but this information is not officially confirmed. On one charge it can travel about 480 km.

But before these two crossovers will be on sale, Volkswagen will offer motorists an electric hatchback I. D., the Capacity of the power plant will be 168 HP, and on one charge it can travel 400 km to 600 km, depending on version.


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