Volkswagen has promised “fantastic” hot hatch


Volkswagen пообещал «фантастический» хот-хэтчThe new Volkswagen Golf R will follow in the footsteps of the acclaimed R400 concept.

Before the debut of the new generation Volkswagen Golf a few months and top managers of the company already extols the virtues of the flagship of the family – “hot” Golf R. However, in this ointment was found, and a spoon of tar.

The head of the “division R” Jost kapito in an interview with Top Gear, showered the future Volkswagen Golf R with compliments, calling him a fantastic machine, a jewel in the crown of VW and the like. In the details however, he chose not to go, however, some clarity has made.

In particular, we know that the new Volkswagen Golf R will follow in the footsteps of the acclaimed R400 concept, which provided a two-liter turbo engine with recoil more than 400 HP According to Jost, intervened in the situation, marketers have found that the hot hatch with the same motor would be too expensive at purchase and almost unaffordable for the average fan of VW ownership. Studies have shown that the average buyer in this segment expects from a potential car capacity of about 300 HP and the sales price not exceeding 50 000 euros. Accordingly, the market similarity the Volkswagen Golf R400 would mean the loss of half the audience.

Furthermore, it is known that the new Volkswagen Golf R will be hybrid. According to the head of sales Jurgen Stackmann, a hybrid power-plant associate buyers with something more affordable and environmentally friendly than “charged” hatchback. So electrified is the only Golf GTE in the performance – it will be a “green” alternative to traditional Golf GTI.


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