Volkswagen has patented the name of the new car


Volkswagen запатентовал название нового автомобиля More information about the new product yet.

Recently the representative of the German automobile giant has registered a patent for the Type 7.

While, no official information about the new no, and whether it is at all. Periodically, large companies “book” under some names, but never use them in the future. Perhaps this is the case.

However, if you take a closer look at the history of production of cars of popular brands, then it is called Type 1,2,3 etc produced the first cars. It is noteworthy that earlier registered under number 7, in 1940-ies produced a car he had designed for military purposes, its feature was that the car could move on the water.Yes, it was amphibious.

Should we expect something similar in the future from the company Volkswagen ? Will find out later.


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