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Well then fish delight anglers? Judging by their reports, not all the fish found, but all went fishing!


Fished near the lighthouse at the port entrance. Managed to catch 5 medium-sized perch. Relief bottom boring. Smooth transitions depth. Walleye, mostly is single.

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Drilling holes where the caught fish, brought the result only once. I was fishing with a “Scud” with a single hook and “sly lesenku” 12, purchased on the bird market.

Caught at a depth of 14 meters. The Scud first, lightly knock, and then hangs. Trolling bite was even lowered.


Near the village of Kapustin Yar made their way to their point, but a detour on another road. Water slowly fills the beam.

Fundamentally caught in asmatico. In General, I tried to believe. I bought a jig “gwozdecky”.

So he was caught only perch. Caught a perch half as big package. Roach were also caught, but not me.


Went to the don in the area of the farm Vertyachiy. Old and long forgotten places.

I really wanted to see the place near the mouth of duct. I used to ride there regularly. Who is behind pike, who’s behind the white bream.

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The weather is overcast, the pike perch there was no hope at all. Just decided to go and reminisce…

The people sitting, white bream catches on a strong current. Say, morning bite and then stopped.

Sugacity complained that three young he brought down with a jig and no GU-GU.

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We circled, circled… The ice is dirty. To put the screws to zero is not wanted. Returned to the car, and there, near the shore, someone caught two chubs! That’s a surprise!


Long studied the weather forecast. Decided that after a frost should one day thaw, to wait, and then go on Kirovskoe reservoir.

The morning breeze tolerable. By the afternoon the wind blew up to 8 meters per second.

In principle, you can catch it, but we decided that enough is enough. I caught a third large batch.

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All fish caught in the same hole! Caught in gwozdecky. Found courage in the most biting tied another jig. Beautiful.

But nothing I couldn’t catch. Careful touch – and that’s all. Again started to catch, but on “gvozdenovic” – again, the beginning is catching.

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Rested only on roach, and therefore caught the entire fishing trip (half day) on gwozdecky.

Tried in a nod to the “swallow’s wing”. Liked, decided to gvozdetskiy individual to make a fishing rod with this nod.

My friend forgot they were basematerial involuntarily. Too normally caught.

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Went to the Volgograd reservoir. Knew that biting would be bad. But what to do?

Have to go! The weather is good, though not awesome. And exactly 11 hours and not seen a single bite.

Have oboril point, where the boat fished in the fall. There was such a drop off from 16 to 26 meters. Drilled holes staggered – empty.

“Rose” on 16 meters, I saw three strikes in one hole. And that’s all. Circled – empty.

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He pulled comrade, began to drill out the drop-off “in four hands”. Around 11:30, it seemed to us, was the revival. Started biting. Sometimes immediately, sometimes on the 15th stroke.

The pike are medium-sized. Circled the table of 16 meters. Bite rarely. Around everyone was gone. We all drill…

I have 5 tails, Andrei – 6. In 16 hours I went to the drag race.

Caught up with the leader near the car… Strange, but fishing much.

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All easy, all haphazard. Bite different. It pulls, it will podstakne bottom, then hangs.

They say that those who were caught in the fry – there was quite a few bites. We caught rattlin and spinners.


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