Voice assistant Alice earned in full force


Yandex with undisguised power announced the full launch of its own voice assistant Alice in the territory of our country. testing started in may of this year, and we now offer the final version of this product, and it came just in time – the Russians are tired of waiting for the normal Bixby, and Google Assistant is still not working in our country.

For Alice hidden neural network, a very well-trained and able to understand the context. Alice is able to recognize the speech in the same voice, and Scarlett Johansson in the Russian dubbing – the voice belongs to actress Tatyana Shitova. In the end we have a full-fledged assistant with direct access to all Yandex services, including weather, maps and more, so it is a very complete tool that can greatly simplify daily interactions with your smartphone and even allow you to use them while driving.

Currently, Alice is part of the proprietary application Yandex, but very soon it will be introduced in all the company’s software, including the browser Yandex.Browser.


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