Vladimir Solovyov saves the iPhone from locking in Russia


Владимир Соловьев спасает iPhone от блокировки в России

Broadcaster and other VIP-fans iPhones figured out how to save favorite phone

The Russian Beau Monde in a panic: on Monday, October 9, it became known that the new iPhone 2018 may stop working in Russia. As it turned out, Apple is going to abandon slots for SIM-cards. Instead of “Apple” gadgets will work with virtual SIM cards that are banned in Russia with the aim of preventing illegal copying “simok”. However, as has found out “URA.RU” to abandon the handy gadget not all ready known to the Russians.

So, TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov expressed his hope: “I Think that technology, which the iPhone can’t work in Russia, will eventually be resolved. In the end, it is possible to issue foreign telephone number, although it will, of course, not all. As my younger son, do not worry — we lived well and enough,” said “URA.RU” Soloviev.

Journalist and publicist Maxim Kononenkoas a long-time iPhone user, also is in no hurry to abandon fashion gadget: a “Virtual “SIM card” is actually much more secure than those that operate in Russia today. So, I think we should do more to develop this technology”, — said Kononenko.

According to him, Apple, and Russia will certainly agree: “Everyone understands that this is an important question. Yes, and the manufacturer certainly does not want to lose such a huge market. If anything they’ll just release a special model for US.” Kononenko also noted that the iPhone is well established. “In my opinion, it works much faster than any device on Android. Not bad”, — concluded the Agency interlocutor.

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov admitted “URA.RU” that is a “phone fan”. “In that sense I’m just crazy — I use several tubes, quite often change them.

I have a Samsung also managed to get eighth iPhone — said Milonov.

— What can you say? Normal, very smooth phone. We have to strive for”.


According to Milonov, he had previously offered to buy the Nokia and on its basis to create a “Russian iPhone”. “We need to organize a parliamentary working group that will develop the domestic mobile phone. I’m sure we can create your awesome iPhone! It’s not a spaceship, but just a phone that even the Chinese quite successfully in basements to collect,” said Milonov.


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