Vladimir Putin is preparing the country and the elite to change


Владимир Путин готовит страну и элиту к переменам

On Saturday, October 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated the anniversary — he was 65 years, of which the last 18 years, he is the leader of the country — as President in the first and second term and appointed the Prime Minister.

Since 2000, time has changed and Russia, and Vladimir Putin, without losing the core of the wholeness that was in the most difficult moment of formation of the new Russia in the late nineties, when the collapse, it seemed that the new Russia separated not years, months and days.However, from chaos, hopelessness and the lack of any decent countries like Russia, the historical prospects of the country in less than twenty years once again stepped into the category of superpowers. That brings to mind the words of Petr Stolypin that “give the state 20 years of rest internal and external, and you will not recognize Russia!”

Of course, no one will give Russia twenty years of quiet development, as evidenced, for example, the events in Ukraine and Syria. Similarly, as they are not given to the Russian Empire in the early twentieth century, when a rising Germany challenged the British Empire.

Even today’s trials only strengthen modern Russia, unlike tsarist Russia, where corruption of power and wealth of the upper classes completely divorced from the poor, illiterate and powerless people, who were so spiritually weak, despite the officially proclaimed Orthodoxy that when the first serious test Empire collapsed.

And agents of all stripes, who had a hand in the disintegration of the country, is nothing more than a condiment to spicy soup, which was boiling the Russia of the previous century. I had to act asymmetrically, and not to wait until the dragons will take away the country piece by piece, what of all the political forces in this historical moment, despite all the nuances of inner-party struggle, to stop only the Bolsheviks were able, iron will, again having collected into a fist.

The monarchy in Russia has proved his total unqualified, unready to meet the challenges of the country. The reforms of Peter, and then a breakthrough and Stalin (1931) at the expense of resources of the Russian people — the backbone of how the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, was caused by the stunningly low quality of public administration of the previous rulers and their entourage, debauchery and licentiousness of the elites, including the Church, the lack of strategic vision for the country’s problems and their solutions, the total intellectual, spiritual, humanitarian and scientific backwardness.

However, despite the fact that one hundred years similar problems Russia faces today: the political class too far removed from the real concerns of people, without the carrot of first-person — country for a long time, again, as in 1917, would be handed over to the liberals, temporarily repainted the guardians, and the resources and the territory was divided.

The oligarchs still do not understand that without the country and people, only capital in the West — they have no novarossi, which will quickly call for all exported completed — legislation has long been established.

GDP per capita in Russia from 2000 to 2016 increased from $ 2,000 per person up to 15,000 and, of course, in General, people now live much better, at least in the major cities than it was 20 years ago.

However, over the years stability and political freeze has changed the needs of the people. If the country was monolithic in terms of income and social justice, then everyone would be psychologically easier. But when 90% of people understand that neither they nor their children close and will not live as a small group of Nouveau riche, it becomes a serious social problem. That is, in the economy and even more — in the social sphere of work ahead is still enormous, including because the current government with this work can not cope.

Much better situation in foreign policy. Vladimir Putin did not answer to the perennial question of Western cynics in Davos “Who is Mr. Putin?”, that did ask in the beginning. And it is very good as it allows him to still surprise your partner with unexpected domestic and foreign political steps, after gaining the credibility that today there are few of politicians in the world.

Russia has restored its position in the world and quite competently leads the game in two global conflicts of our time, surpassing that of the hegemon. And while at this level of world politics playing only two world capitals — Moscow and Washington. Beijing has only reached a certain economic status in the world but not in Syria, nor in Ukraine, Beijing does not play a significant role. To resist the United power of the West — it’s worth it and indicate the potential resources of Russia much better than any bare and formal economic statistics.

It is no accident that on the eve of the birthday of the Russian President arrived in Moscow one of the political longevity of the planet and one of the most influential politicians — the king of Saudi Arabia, with which Russia was a very serious difference not only on the oil business, but also on the strategic vision for the future of the Middle East. However, as shown by this visit, as visits to many other political leaders in Moscow in recent years, Moscow’s opinion on important issues of development of the world in General is becoming increasingly important.

However, serious foreign policy achievements of Russia should not divert from the serious human, institutional and ideological issues in the internal politics of the country. And talking about it, for example, appointments of governors in September-October 2017 (in two weeks the head of state was replaced by eight governors, and since the beginning of 2017 — fourteen or 15%), which have their analogy. In the summer of 2016, Vladimir Putin had a number of unexpected changes in the government (the resignation of the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, Andrei Belyaninov, the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov, the appointment of the head of presidential administration Anton Vaino). Then in September continued the formation of a new vertical of the Russian authorities through the appointment of Vladimir Volodin speaker of the lower house of the Russian Parliament.

In late September of last year, summing up the intermediate results of these personnel changes, we noted:

“this moment brings us to a very important discovery. If you look at logic staffing solutions, Vladimir Putin, last year, we see the following picture. First, it changes the staffing bottoms (for myself) — Yakunin, Belyaninov, then goes to the officials and positions higher. Replace the fifth person in the Russian power vertical — replaces Sergei Ivanov Anton Vaino. Then performs the change of the fourth staff position in the Russian power vertical — Sergei Naryshkin (which goes to the position of head of SVR Mikhail Fradkov instead, which, in turn, will chair the Board of Directors of Russian Railways) changes Vyacheslav Volodin. Only two positions. Third place — the speaker of the Federation Council and the Chairman of the government”.

The need for personnel changes in the vertical of power is felt by the majority society and the political class and expert community. However, even more necessary are substantial changes in management — new much more a clear ideology of development of Russian society on the principles of social justice. Analysis of the public debate speaks to the weakness of social mobility, when talented people, no matter in what field of activity they work, I can’t find a use for the benefit of themselves, the country and society.

Vladimir Putin over the past 18 years has done much to restore the confidence of the people in power, and make the country strong. However, the provisions in this area is simply huge. In January 2016 we wrote:

“Is Putin on the global level in a dispute with international clans only itself or has the Russian Order, the head of which he speaks? While these questions remain unanswered. Russia, of course, need political Yuri Gagarin is the honor and glory of our age, but there should be a cosmonaut (as the core of the Order) and the party as the vanguard. Just where is this Party?”

Unfortunately, the analysis of domestic policy over the past year, the answer to this question has not given, and rotation of personnel of the governors is only the tip of the iceberg, which does not change the fact. Accordingly, the solution to this problem is the saturation of the vertical of power at all levels of supporters of a strong Russia, the creation of new, ideologically savvy elite, not repainted guardians of the liberals — can be considered as one of the most important tasks of the next presidential term of Vladimir Putin.

Let’s hope that the next time Vladimir Putin has made it one of its most thoughtful and long-lasting success which will contribute to Russia’s prosperity for decades to come.


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