Vladimir Omelian called the new component in the pavement


Владимир Омелян назвал новый компонент в дорожном покрытии The coating will add the coal slag.

In Ukraine can begin to build roads with the use of coal slag. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelian.

According to the Minister, the government and relevant institutions Ukravtodor considering the use of coal slag in road construction. Omeljan notes that with such a construction it is important to comply with environmental regulations because coal slag contains a lot of hazardous waste.

The official said that in the world practice of coal waste used in the construction of the road Eisenhower in Chicago and the Øresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden.

The chief ecologist of DTEK Irina Verbitskaya said that owners of coal slag made it suitable for use in road construction.

Verbitskaya said that the company is ready to deal with the implementation of this raw material, however, the Ukrainian government has to take the relevant legislative initiatives.

In some EU countries more than 90% of coal waste use in road construction. According to the Secretary of the European Association for utilization of coal waste by Hans Feuerborn, for the construction of roads required significant reserves of salasuka in warehouses. Its technical characteristics fly ash densifies the concrete, decreasing the influence of external aggressive environment. This approach also allows to save the construction materials.

The expert of the “Ukrainian Institute for the future” Yaroslav Pylypchuk, is a priority in Ukraine, the construction of concrete roads. According to Pylypchuk, in most EU countries prefer to build a highway out of concrete. The service life of such road is not less than 20 years, while for roads with asphalt surface – not more than 10 years.

According to the expert, at the end of 2017 square meter concrete driveway cost 1,4-1,6 thousand UAH, asphalt – about 2 thousand. Given the longer lasting it means to build concrete roads in 2-2,5 times cheaper than asphalt.


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