VKontakte allowed to disable comments on individual entries


Social network Vkontakte announced the next innovation, which will be very useful for community and public characters. The essence is the ability to disable comments to individual records on the wall, and not all at once, as it was yesterday.

A new option is currently available only in the desktop and mobile versions of Vkontakte, but the developers have almost finished a fresh release mobile software for Android and iOS with this feature too. Importantly, disable comments not only to the record that is added at the moment, but in previously published posts, even for pages of ordinary users. The opposite effect is also quite possible, and also without any time limits.

Innovation Vkontakte does not allow you to block the comment feature for each user separately – to leave their opinions by writing or will, or no one can, and to deal with specific user will have with a good old-fashioned blacklist. Recall that the social network Vkontakte is currently the most popular in our country. Now, however, it has already not Pavel Durov, the network controlled by the holding Mail.Ru Group, as well as Classmates.


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