Vitaly Kozlovsky showed the intimate with the guests


Fans surprised.

The parting of the bride Raminas Achakzai was given to Vitaly Kozlovsky difficult. For a long time the former lovers had it out on the network, after which the actor went on to treat wounds in Turkey.

Their pain and experiences Vitaly put in the work, today presented their new video for the song “My sea”. And then surprised their fans. Artist opublikoval photo, which was posing completely naked. In the commentary, the actor admitted that looking for a new girl.

By the way, apparently, wounds Vitaly still managed to cure. Now, the artist rests in Thailand and, judging by the photos on his microblog, no less provocative, with a girl.

Note that in the photo Kozlowski posing completely naked, covering his naughty place by hand. The did the “new girl” artist.

“I opened in front of you, inside all your soul, in its sudden nakedness…”, – commented the artist.


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