Vitaly Kozlovsky shared a picture of his parents


Vitaly Kozlovsky showed the closest people — their parents.

Christmas is a wonderful occasion to once again meet with their loved ones.

And if the New year many people celebrate with friends, Christmas is everyone tries to meet in the family circle. Celebrity is no exception, and many of them on this day go to their hometowns to be on holiday at home. It did so and Vitaliy Kozlovskiy, who came to the city for Christmas.

Soon in the blog of the artist appeared a nice photo with his parents — mother Tatiana and father Vitaly. To comment on the people close Kozlowski was not only congratulated all the subscribers a very merry Christmas.

“O my Lord! Hear me! I ask little of you. Before the Holy icon I pray for all those I love. All my relatives and all friends. Bread feed and heating… In the hour of the angel they went, so kept them on the edge of the road. Give them happiness, joy and peace. All sins forgive and calm down. Teach yourself not to lose, teach me to love them and forgive. Make it so that those who are dear to me, and stayed for longer on the Earth. Lord! A little please… Save all those I love!” Merry Christmas!” — posted by Vitaly.


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