Vitali Klitschko – 48: top 5 statements of the mayor of Kiev, which became a meme


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On Friday, July 19, his birthday, said the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko. A day earlier, he told reporters about the plans for the celebration. The mayor will be in a short vacation and not in the capital.

According to Klitschko, the last 10 years, he celebrates his birthday with their children, and this time go to the US, where they rest in a camp in the forests on the border with Canada. To go back to work promises next week. The best gift the mayor of Kiev considers the attention of family and friends.

Vitali Klitschko is known not only as a boxer, politician, mayor, but also as the man who, perhaps more than any other in Ukraine is becoming a character meme. In most cases, he “provokes” the social network. On the occasion of the birthday of the mayor of Kiev Zirki offers to remember the most striking quotes of the birthday and see no less striking memes.

Tomorrow. Then Vitali Klitschko was still head of the parliamentary faction. It is his statement to this day is a hit for “replica” in the meme.

And today in tomorrow not all can watch. Rather, a watch can not just all. Very few people can do it”, – the politician said in 2013 in the program “Shuster LIVE” on “inter”.


Preparing for “earth.” This reservation Klitschko admitted, commenting on the preparation for the heating season in 2014. she also became the object for “photojob”.

Each of Kiev I ask to be sensitive to this problem, and would also like to ask all Kyiv citizens just as well with a special component to address the problem of heat saving and preparing to land,” said the mayor.


Difficult arithmetic. Four years ago, Luzhkov complained that the Cabinet has a month not to sign the documents on the appointment of his advisers for Vice. Naturally, this quote became a meme.

I have two Deputy, four of which lie in a month the Cabinet of Ministers and cannot be taken, I do not know why,” – said the mayor of Kiev.


Cold in hot. In September 2014 Vitali Klitschko in the style of Captain Obvious replied to a journalist’s question about the timing of the full resumption of hot water in the capital. In view of such a Cap it depicted.

That cold water turned in hot, it needs to be warmed up. Clear. For this we need gas. Condition with gas… We are waiting for when they give us the gas, no gas”, – said the mayor.

Photo: social networks

Tired bridge. In his style said the mayor of Kiev and the collapse of the Shulyavska bridge in 2017. the Network exploded again photoshopped pics.

Emergency it was not recognized. He was tired of time with one hand. On the other is what was violated rules of operation…” – said the mayor.

Photo: social networks
Photo: social networks

The mayor of Kiev don’t even have to say anything – “logic” of his statements that one or another event in the capital become a reason for new memes.

Smoke in the capital in 2015. Photo: social networks
Visit the mayor on a Bicycle, 2016. Photo: social networks
Future rise in price of travel in the metro, 2018. Photo:

Vitaly Klitschko to their reservations, it seems, is with humor. So, last year live project “Gordon”, he even promised to release a collection of his famous “gems”. The funniest mayor of Kiev said the Deputy, “lying” in the Cabinet, and preparing for “earth.”

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