Virgin Galactic revealed the interior cabin of the tourist spaceplane


Photo: Virgin Atlantic

The space company of billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic has revealed the interior cabin of the tourist spaceplane VSS Unity of the SpaceShipTwo class.

Full virtual tour posted on YouTube.

The spacecraft contains six passenger seats — three on port and starboard. They are made of aluminum and carbon fiber and is attached to the wall of the cabin.

The first part of the flight, passengers should sit in the chair, strapped belts. At this time, they can view information about the flight on a small monitor in the back of the chair in front of them. After turning off the engine they can detach and move freely through the cabin, to see the Earth from portholes or themselves and other tourists in a large mirror which is mounted at the rear of the cabin.

After the climb, and the engine is turned off passengers for a few minutes be in a state of weightlessness and can move freely through the cabin. July 28, 2020, Virgin Galactic held a presentation and showed (mainly in the form of a rendering) as it will look like the interior of the ship, from which tourists will be able to see the Earth from above.

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