Virgin Galactic postpones the first commercial flight


Virgin Galactic has delayed its first commercial space flight due to a possible production error in a component of the flight control system. That’s what Business Wire writes.

The mission, known as Unity 23, is supposed to take place in late September or early October. The launch has been delayed for several weeks and is now scheduled for mid-October at the earliest.

The aerospace company was alerted by a supplier. It is not known if there is actually a fault in the system and if repairs are needed. The flight is delayed as a precaution.

Before the flight, Virgin Galactic is working with the Italian Air Force. During the mission, crew members of the Air Force will investigate the moment that is switched from gravity to weightlessness and its effects “on people and the environment”.

The space company says that postponing the flight has nothing to do with the American Aviation Authority FAA investigating a manned test flight of Virgin Galactic. In July, Virgin owner Richard Branson boarded a spacecraft that flew to the edge of space and then landed back on Earth.

During take-off, the vessel would have deviated from the original plan and flown outside the designated airspace for a while. As a result, Virgin Galactic is not allowed to take off with its SpaceShipTwo spacecraft until the authorities have given a ruling.


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