Video Madonna about Covid-19 and the conspiracy theory came under censorship in Instagram


Madonna. Photo:

Instagram has flagged as untrue video about Covid-19, which is posted the pop star Madonna.

On Tuesday, July 28, the social network movie was subjected to censorship. The video was blurry, and over it is placed the words “false information,” writes USA Today. Instagram also use links to redirect users to the page where it is explained that a vaccine against coronavirus does not yet exist.

By Wednesday morning the video was removed from the personal account of the star.

We have removed this video due to false claims about treatment and prevention COVID-19. The people who responded, commented or shared this video, you will see a message that indicates accurate information about the virus,” said public Affairs Manager Wayne Instagram Cancers.

Madonna was doing controversial statements about the coronavirus, in particular, that he is the “great equalizer”. The pop star also noted that she’s positive for antibodies, and she is going to go on a long journey to “breathe COVID-19”.

The movie, in question, promotes a conspiracy theory around COVID-19. In the video Dr. Stella Immanuel argues that the cure for coronavirus (antimalarial drug) has long been found and was available for several months.

Note also that Twitter for 12 hours, forbidden to write to Donald Trump Jr. for distribution of this video.

LeMonade previously wrote that Andrea Bocelli has criticized the quarantine in Italy has caused anger on social media.

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