Victoria Lopareva Instagram-confessed that she is pregnant, soon-to-be father may be unknown to herself


Victoria Lopareva, a Russian model and socialite starlet has confessed that she is pregnant. As she is not married the coming baby will leave a much of intrigue as for the fatherhood. Due to extensive activity of Victoria Lopareva the baby can come in any skin color and national background, Russian magazine Sobesednik speculated.

35-year old Lopareva does not hesitate to show with any type of men on public. Due to her lifestyle there is a wide circle of likely fathers of her child. To name a few…

Since 2016 Lopareva met the head of FIFA Janni Infantino. She was appointed as an ‘soccer ambassador’ on behalf of Russia so she had an access to the very pool of the ‘soccer grooms’. Infantino is married and has four kids, but it maybe was not enough to prevent some side story to happen.

During the Football Championship she was often sighted in a company of black sportsmen from Senegal and Ivory Coast. Ivory Cost soccer star Drogba ‘was steam hot’, according to Victoria Lopareva.

She also met the French and greeted them with exagerated hospitality.

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smokin hot @didierdrogba ???V

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She showed it to Will Smith, an American actor, who come to the closing ceremony of the Championship. They were all day long together.

Model has nothing against Asian men. She often meet Stiven Huan, an extravagant Chinese billionaire. He is also married but it does not prevent them from provocative activities.

Zuhair Murad, a designer from Lebanon also fits the list of candidates.

Victoria Lopareva may not know for herself who the father of the coming baby is, and that the probable cause of her late modesty about the baby’s father, assumes Sobesednik.


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