Very soft landing


Очень мягкие посадки

What is the cost of the VIP flights of the Russian governors, officials and managers of state corporations

20 April business jet Airbus A319–115CJ cost $ 80 million landed at the airport of Murmansk. According to the monitoring flight Flightradar24, the aircraft performed a flight from Moscow Vnukovo. Passengers during the flight could have time to enjoy a comfortable salon: genuine leather, marble, wool carpets, a double bed and a shower.

Board room good airplane – RA-73026 – assigned to a special flight detachment “Russia”, which provides personal transport of the most important Russian holic. Who exactly flies on it, no information. But it is known that on 20 April, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev held a meeting in Murmansk for processing.

Before the flight from Moscow to Murmansk this Board have found “the Source”, managed to fly for abroad. In April, he landed at the airports in Pardubice (Czech Republic) and Toulouse (France). Here are no official visits at this time the Russian authorities in Europe are not applied.

Special flight detachment “Russia” is subordinate to the Administration of the President, in addition to him, serves the attorney General, the heads of both chambers of Parliament and other important persons. In the end of last year through public procurement-the detachment ordered for 2018 the service of providing air transportation by 4.2 billion RUB in Total, according to plan, this year’s squad plans to spend on their needs 10 billion. This amount includes the repair of aircraft.

The previous head of “Russia” a few months ago was convicted of fraud just on the repair. Despite a multimillion-dollar damage, Jaroslav Odintsev got off with probation 2 years. All defendants in the criminal case for corruption in the special unit were 11 people, including the head of procurement Department and the engineer.

The Charter for the Governor

From experiencing budgetary problems of regions the money to buy aircraft for their leaders, of course not. But the governors find a way not to fly with their voters regular flights by taking aircraft on lease. From the budget of the Krasnoyarsk territory, according to estimates of “Source”, over the past year in the transport of an Executive entity Charter flights were spent almost 30 million rubles.

Do not lose heart and the government of the Republic of Komi. They order his air transport will certainly service in the VIP halls of the airports. Well, not with ordinary citizens together waiting for a flight to suffer, really. The head of Komi Sergey Gaplikov for privileged services and 10 million do not mind.

Prefer Charter flights officials from Mordovia, Tatarstan, and Tyumen. Fly mostly in the country: meetings in other regions, the meeting in Moscow. And even if flying the delegation of several people still rented private plane. As for the whole football team. Financed from the budget of sports clubs, too, by the way, I fly charters. So, one trip to FC Rostov to Kazan for the match with “Rubin” at a cost of 3.1 million rubles. Ordered for players Sukhoi Superjet.


Members of the Federal government, which your personal jet is not supposed to, have to travel on a General basis. In winter the Ministry of Finance paid 58 million rubles. for “services related to the direction of the employee on a business trip”. Contractor by ZAO “Alliance-travel”. This recruiting Agency airline tickets and booking hotels. Interestingly, the main revenues of the company generated through the implementation of the government orders. A similar scheme using intermediaries when paying for the flight stick and the Ministry of natural resources.

The state Corporation “Roscosmos” prefers to order for business of flying charters. Including regular inspections of the construction of the Vostochny space centre. Flight Moscow – Blagoveshchensk and back Charter costs 13 million rubles Flying regular flights would cost 15 managers of “Roscosmos” approximately 35 times cheaper.

Some customers of Charter are trying to save. For example, the plant. Khrunichev during the flight to Baikonur ordered for 30 of their staff of 25 serving the power and economy only a 5 – class VIP. Even at lunch in the same Charter it was immediately clear who’s boss.

JSC “RZD” flies behind the rest: last summer, the company has paid Charter flights on the black sea coast. 31,5 million rubles went to the airline “Iraero”. Recently, it has been listed as the most punctuality: according to ROS-aviation, allows the delay of each of the fifth flight.

Sechin carries Choi

Care of booking the Charter is delivered by the managers of Gazprom. From state-owned companies have their own subsidiary airline “Gazprom Avia”. How do I find “the Source” and has a budget of about RUB 20 billion a year.

In the fleet of “Gazprom” including the Falcon 900B is a French production. Last year the government threatened to transplant the heads of state companies in the aircraft exclusively domestic production, but Miller lose comfortable business jet would not. Still, the aircraft is equipped with a spacious kitchen, two swivelling armchairs with folding tables between them, a triple sofa, a video and bar. Such an aircraft is around $40 million.

Not far behind, of course, Igor Sechin, who before the court appearance in the case Ulyukayev complained that the plane spends 650 hours per year. The air of “Rosneft” is her “daughter” – JSC “RN-Aerokraft”. The head of the firm, according to the database of the register, it is Sergey Tsoy, a former press Secretary of Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov.

In the fleet of “Rosneft” including several business jets worth several tens of millions of dollars. Directly flights over the last three years cost of “Rosneft”, according to the calculations of “Companion”, more than 15 billion RUB. all in All, goodride “RN-Aerokraft” earned 42 billion.

Sechin personally prefer the elite Bombardier BD-700–1A10 Global Express 6000. Bought this “flying “Bentley”, as already wrote “the Source”, using offshore schemes. Lately the plane of the head of “Rosneft” was seen in Switzerland, Portugal, China, Germany and Austria.

The price of celestial machine – $ 55 million. Gosmenedzhery fly high over the heads of the Russians.

Well, a very soft landing

A separate item of expenditure air travel – VIP-meeting and seeing off officials at airports.

Company JSC “V. I. P.-international” is one of those companies that organize travel trips of Ministers of the people so that the work seemed to them to rest: meeting and seeing off big time, a VIP hall, VIP lounge and Banquet rooms, fast check-in and baggage claim, complimentary Newspapers and private transfer…

Last year in Stavropol, the authorities ordered, for example, the pleasure almost on one million roubles. Officials from Perm to 700 thousand. Not too far behind the Murmansk and Kaliningrad. For 142 thousand forked the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. The Ministry of the North Caucasus and “Rosles” posted another 300 and 250 thousand PE, respectively. Even the office of the Council of the municipal formation “Nizhnekamsky municipal district” did not spare the comfort of 268 thousand. Beautiful fly is not banned.


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