Vera Brezhnev was fascinated by the new portrait


From the new photos of the singer fans can’t tear your eyes away.

Followers Brezhnev noted that she looks on this photo very sad, some serious, it turns out, Faith wanted to convey to the people a thought of: “People. What’s wrong with you. How much negativity you pour. How many nasty things they write on the Internet all in a row. Indiscriminately. Wake. Wake. You form these words and thoughts of my life. His world. So he becomes. Do you like to live in D…iu. Do you think that writing a negative review makes you taller and your life better? You only dokazivati its essence. Their level. Its limit. “Who are the judges?..”
Welcome to work heavier. Truth.”where the smile and joyful expression would be appropriate.

A new portrait Brezhneva its subscribers was estimated at about 250 thousand likes. And with a post that is written for those who constantly criticizes stars and, in fact, the very Belief, agreed not only to ordinary users of social networks and colleagues on the stage, such as Natasha Koroleva and Svetlana Loboda.


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