Venezuelans began to feed on the trash of supermarkets


Жители Венесуэлы начали питаться на помойках супермаркетов

According to the research sociological centre More Consulting, more than 15 percent of the population of Venezuela from time to time produce the products in the bins of supermarkets. It is reported by Diario Las Americas.

Also, 88.9 percent of respondents said that for a month at least once fear to stay without food. Not afraid of hunger only 9.9 percent of respondents. More than half of the respondents admitted that sometimes going to bed hungry.

At the same time of 30,5 million people only 7.5 million (24.8 per cent) have the ability to adhere to a balanced diet.

In recent years, Venezuela is experiencing an acute shortage of food. The foreign Minister, Delcy Rodriguez blamed the U.S. government, saying that the Americans are creating artificial shortage of goods. According to the diplomat, thus Washington is trying to raise the IRE of citizens and to carry out a coup.

September 1, thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets of the capital of Caracas — to protest against the deteriorating socio-economic situation in the state. “We overthrow Maduro! We will end hunger, crime, inflation and corruption. They did nothing for 17 years! Time’s up!” they said.

In June hundreds of demonstrators went to the presidential Palace in Caracas with the slogan “We need food”. A spontaneous protest began in hours-long queues at stores in the nearby area after the next to one of the outlets, the attackers tried to steal a food truck. The protesters marched to the Miraflores Palace, the official residence of President Nicolas Maduro. Here they were met by National guard troops, who dispersed the crowd of protesters, using tear gas.

Venezuela suffered seriously from the decline in oil prices. According to IMF forecasts, inflation there at the end of 2017 will reach 1640 percent, and this year will reach 480 percent.


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