Vasily Shklyar voiced the film “Black crow”, based on his novel


Vasily Shklyar. Photo: press service

In the film “the Black Raven” viewers will be able to hear the voice of the author, Vasyl Shkliar will announce the historical comments in the film and will be the voice-over guide in the past Ukrainian history.

The writer not only took part in the work on the script of the film, but lived the stages of the shooting process along with the actors regularly visited the site, I only looked at the footage, along with Director Taras Tkachenko.

How is it good that we have two different reading of our heroic kholodnohirsko events. We see it not only in a literary work, but also on the screen. And it will be very bright spectacle that the West, deep in your heart, I am convinced,” says Vasily Shklyar.

The author of the novel “Zalyshenets.Chorniy Voron” Vasily Shklyar, have watched the film on the big screen.

The author can never be quite satisfied with the adaptation because the on-screen incarnation should not be equated with literary work. And I knew from the start this truth, so was not looking biased. But I’m happy: like the well chosen actors and their game. And I’m sure that picture will not leave anyone indifferent spectator”, – said Vasily.

Tape created with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie by “TET Production” for TV channel “1+1”. “Black crow” reproduces one of the pages of the Ukrainian history – the struggle of Ukrainian insurgents against the Soviets in the 1920-ies.

Photo: press service

The events in the film will tell the history of the life and love of Ivan, nicknamed the crows, who had the destiny to become a member of the rebel movement of Kholodny Yar Republic. The eternal thirst for freedom does not give the main character to stay away from the important events that unfold in his village. That is why he boldly sacrifices a peace of mind and family comfort and begins a desperate struggle for the independence of his native land, will and the future of Ukrainian and their own families.

Photo: press service

The main role in the film will be played by young Ukrainian artist Taras Tsymbalyuk. For the first plans was drawn nearly 30 actors. In addition, the role in the film will perform popular Ukrainian actors Paul Moskal, Andrew Motrenko, Ksenia Danilova, Daniel Bereskin, Zoryana Marchenko, Natalia Sumska and others.

Taras Tsymbalyuk. Photo: press service

One of the main characters in the movie also became a Raven named Freud, on his account for six feature films.

“Black Raven” will be released in cinemas December 5.

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