Vascular diseases affect the structure of the brain


Сосудистые заболевания негативно влияют на структуру мозгаExperts have conducted an extensive scan of the brain structures.

Scientists from Edinburgh University said a significant negative impact on the structure of the brain vascular diseases – their opinion on this matter was published in the European Association of cardiology European Heart Journal. Also, experts have called those who have a high chance to avoid the negative impact of vascular disorders on brain tissue.

Experts have conducted an extensive scan of the brain structures by MRI in 9 of 772 men and women aged 44 to 79 years. Subjects were collected from among patients in need of examination because of suspicions of hidden brain pathologies.
Analysis of the data showed that cardiovascular diseases are associated with the development of a number of adverse processes in the body are correlated with changes in the volume of gray matter. So, people with severe vascular pathology mass of gray matter of the brain was 3% less than those whose blood vessels were healthier. In persons with vascular disease, the gray matter was affected 1.5 times more than whites.

The researchers noted that vascular disorders are diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obesity, violation of rhythm of cardiac activity, and, moreover, harmful addiction, alcohol abuse, Smoking. The authors of the project emphasize: people who adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle, provide yourself with the best kind of prevention of cardiovascular disease, and in this regard, and diseases of the brain.

“The effort to abandon bad habits will largely contribute to the prevention of early cognitive aging of the brain and will give a significant chance for longevity”, – experts believe.


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