Vaccination became mandatory for visits to kindergartens and schools


Вакцинация стала обязательным условием для посещения садиков и школ Children without vaccinations will not be able to visit educational and training institutions.

The Ministry of health and of education and science ordered not to allow education in schools and attend kindergarten for those pupils who do not have immunizations in accordance with the schedule of vaccination.

Appropriate letters sent to the heads of the regional administration to ensure compliance with this order.

Not vaccinated you can go to schools and kindergartens only at the conclusion of the special medical Commission, if the child has contraindications. Those who are not admitted to school, should provide access to knowledge of local government. How, is not specified.

Let me suggest that this initiative will fail as having little in common with the law and the rights of the people. Yes, and implement it in terms of inability to ensure the safety of vaccination, on the one hand, and alternative education, on the other, is unlikely to happen.


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