Vacation at sea: the main rules of safe recreation


Отпуск на море: главные правила безопасного отдыха Important safety instructions.

Tatiana Sorokos of the reality show “Secret agent” who goes to the New channel, told how to safely rest at the seaside.

Vacation is one of the most anticipated events of the year. You always want to have those days and weeks were perfect. Very often we rely on a travel Agency or trust in the words of strangers. And yet a comfortable and safe stay at sea depends on us.


Planning a vacation in beach resorts of Ukraine, the first thing we look for housing. Browsing websites of hotels or resorts, can see very beautiful pictures. But personally I encountered such a situation when on arrival at the place you know your stay went downhill.

To avoid such situations, check personally all the possible reviews on websites, social networks, forums. Read what users write about this hotel, guest house or recreation center. Have users vacationing in this place to throw real photos. Usually share willingly.


The perfect place on the coast is, of course, the beach. Many local hotels will rent plots of public beaches, put on their sun loungers, bars and require a fee for it. Yes, they can demand payment for the chaise, but not for sand.

You have a right to come at such beach, choose a free space between the sun loungers and calm myself in the sun. The fact that by law the beach is for all guests, and a chaise is a service provided by the tenant.

That is, if you wish, you can use it or not. If you will approach an employee of such a beach with a requirement to leave the territory or to rent chairs, you know – he’s wrong.

Download from the official site “Water code of Ukraine”, which lists all provisions on the right of use of beaches. The law will be the argument for the requirement to rent equipment for a further stay.

Отпуск на море: главные правила безопасного отдыха


Of course, one of the best parts of relaxing on the beach are beach snacks: mussels, Rapana, baklava, corn and so on. Never buy on the beaches! And if you resist you are, remember:

1) quality products will never lie in clear plastic boxes, a marker is written the strange words. These boxes are open to sunlight, making any products is a direct way to indigestion or poisoning;

2) buy products only from people who go with the special portable coolers, branded t-shirts, badges with names and company name;

3) the seller must be in plastic gloves.

Отпуск на море: главные правила безопасного отдыха


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