Utrecht arrow accused of terrorism


Утрехтского стрелка обвинили в терроризмеThree people were killed.

The public Prosecutor’s office indicted the suspect in the attack on the tram in Utrecht, in which three people died.

“37-year-old suspect will appear before a judge on Friday, March 22, on charges of multiple homicides with terrorist purposes, as well as attempted murder and the threat of terrorism”, – reported in Prosecutor’s office.

According to investigators, the suspect acted alone and there was no sign that someone had assisted him. Also, law enforcement officers came to the conclusion that the assailant did not know the victims and chose the site of the attack by accident.

Press Secretary of Prosecutor’s office reported that the suspect is a psychological examination to determine that he acted solely from motives of terrorist or he did it because of “personal problems in combination with radical ideas.”

The first hearing will take place tomorrow behind closed doors, then the suspect will remain in custody for two weeks until the next meeting.

We will remind, on Monday morning, the man pulled a gun in the city of Utrecht tram and shot several people, then fled.


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