Usyk in the heavyweight battle defeated the First and was a finalist in the super Series


Ukrainian WBO heavyweight champion in the heavyweight Alexander Usik in a battle with mairis Briedis by won the WBC title and received a berth in the finals of the world Boxing series.

At the start of the battle of the Mustache for a long time failed to adapt to Briedis, a Latvian was good on his feet and dangerous counterattacks. The owner of the ring took three first round, but closer to the middle of the battle, the Tendril began to get used to the opponent.

For the first time, the Mustache loudly talking about yourself in the fifth round Alexander actively went forward and accurate series of hits forced the Fans to get a taste of his own blood on his lips.

In the second half of the fight the Tendril sped up the pace, but the fans continued to pose a serious danger. Ukrainians actively worked jabs, occasionally effective shock connects the left – Briedis has responded with a counterattack, constantly holding Whiskers in tension.

In the championship rounds, the Mustache and the son gave the last of his strength – none of the boxers had no tangible benefits. Obyedinenny expected fight lasted a maximum of 12 rounds.

The judges in the ring was not easy. And yet, with a minimal advantage, the victory gave the Tendril – 114:114, 115:113 and 115:113.

Oleksandr Usyk reached the final of the world Boxing series and became world champion in two versions. His opponent for the decisive battle WBSS will be determined on 3 February in a battle between the IBF Murat by Gassieva and “regular” WBA champion Unirom Dorticos.


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